Dean Ambrose had his first title defense on live television earlier than I had expected. I actually expected this very match, a triple threat against Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. Anything else than a win for the new Intercontinental champion would have been stupid. But since we’re in the middle of the Christmas holiday season, there were also lots of red items, including Dean Ambrose’s head.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Dean Ambrose and his first interview as the Intercontinental champion

After finally getting the belt he deserved for the longest time, Dean Ambrose sat down midweek for the WWE interview with Michael Cole. Listen to the new Intercontinental Champion what that belt means to him:

What I like about this interview is the lines Dean Ambrose tells about the Intercontinental Championship that point out the workhorse championship stuff, that this belt is the final achievement for wrestling and wrestling abilities. In this case I like to believe that he wasn’t told everything he emphatically pointed out here, that most of it he really meant. It’s the same amount of pride and joy I felt when Cesaro speaks about wrestling, the real wrestling, the storytelling, and yes, also the face-pulling – that’s what creates emotions and emotions are everything in wrestling; not a nice face or beautiful hair. A nice face and / or beautiful hair just adds to your personality. But if there is no wrestling ability and you aren’t able to tell a story with your body and your face, if you doesn’t have at least one weak spot, then sorry, but you never will be someone who I enjoy watching.

So, right here in this interview, you can feel all the love Dean Ambrose has got for the wrestling business and that’s what everyone can see, feel and sense when he’s in the ring.

RAW 2015/12/21: Dean Ambrose has to deal with Sheamus in a steel cage

Stephanie McMahon made this match because of so-called punishment for Dean Ambrose (it also was supposed to be punishment for Super Reigns) – but come on, a cage match? Punishment for Dean Ambrose? This is playground for him, especially against someone like Sheamus whom he already had some good, brutal fights. So, of course I had high expectations and I weren’t disappointed.

The League of Nations (Wade Barrett, Alberto del Rio and Rusev) were at ringside when Dean Ambrose wanted to enter the ring but Sheamus Brogue kicked him out again and Alberto del Rio and Rusev attacked Dean Ambrose while Wade Barrett distracted the referee. When Dean Ambrose finally made it inside the ring, Sheamus immediately threw him onto the cage and that looked rather brutal. Nice start to that match. The beating continued after that and Sheamus also lost no time with ripping Ambrose’s shirt to pieces. Dean Ambrose’s first offense were a few headbutts and he hurt himself with them or some headbutts later on – there were quite a lot of headbutts in this match (after the match Dean Ambrose needed six staples to close the flesh wound on the back of his head).

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
For some reason the Minneapolis crowd came up with a “Sheamus is boring” chant and I have no idea why. … seriously? Then both men tried to escape the cage that resulted into White Noise by Sheamus from the top rope which was really nice. But the next big spot was even better: a Flying Elbow by Dean Ambrose from the top of the cage. Now Dean Ambrose wanted to crawl out the door but Alberto del Rio slammed the door shut right against Dean Ambrose’s head.

At this point Super Reigns came out to beat down the whole League of Nations on his own (sure) and then throws a chair inside the ring for Dean Ambrose’s enjoyment. Dean Ambrose grabbed it and beat down Sheamus plus finally hit Dirty Deeds on Sheamus right on top of the chair. For some reason Dean Ambrose now climbed on top of the cage to escape. But why didn’t he try to use the door again? Since his über friend was out there to keep him safe from the League of Nations, he shouldn’t have been frightened about the door any more. Maybe someone can explain to me. Are you only able to try for the door once in a cage match? Are you only able to win with climbing outside? I guess, this final spot was just done for excitement and storytelling but it lacks all logic.

Now because Dean Ambrose went for climbing, Sheamus joined Dean Ambrose on top of the cage for a little fist fight. The match ended after 10:45 minutes when Dean Ambrose fell first from the cage. So, like I said, I enjoyed this match because there were a few great spots and some tension at the end plus some good story telling. But since Reigns is now John Cena 2.0, is there any chance for Dean Ambrose not depending on this guy any more? There is no need for the guy to come out to Dean Ambrose’s rescue. In this time with YouTube and all DVDs from Indie wrestling companies, we know what the guy can do. He needs no-one to overcome the odds and his own body. Also, Reigns still runs around with his gimmick of One Versus All and Spare no-one – Spear everyone and such. He’s a lone wolf, too, or at least supposed to be. So, please, just seperate these two guys. Their individual gimmicks scream for individuality – so act them both to their specific gimmicks.

(Super) SmackDown 2015/12/22: Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler throwing each other into the Christmas spirit

This so-called Super SmackDown came live on Tuesday again which was two days ago. And the main event was Dean Ambrose’s first title defense he did on live television. For the statistic freaks out there, it was already his third defense and I made a page for all of Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship defenses, similar to the page I did for his United States Championship defenses.

Now for this triple threat match against Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. Dean Ambrose as the champion came out first again, then Ziggler and Owens. And the way these two met up inside the ring, even if you had no idea before what these three men are capable of, you’d have known already that Dean Ambrose wins that match because of that beef that Ziggler and Owens had with each other. Owens was upset because he didn’t get a Slammy on Monday for Breakout Star of the Year (that one went to Neville) and that must have been hard for a prizefighter. BUT now him bitching with Ziggler won’t get him the prize either. I bet the smart marks out there are bitching behind their cokes and cookies and keyboards because of the portrayal and booking of their lookalike.

The match started with a lot of fist fights and this was the actual gimmick for this match. There wasn’t much wrestling going on, even if the match did have a few good moves and spots. After an early commercial break the three men left the ring to get to all this festive Christmas stuff at ramp side and Ziggler was the first who’s thrown into gifts and Christmas trees by Kevin Owens. Even it it really was a triple threat match, at some point Dean Ambrose and Ziggler worked together and threw Owens into a Christmas tree. But just one tiny moment later, Dean Ambrose and Ziggler were back fist fighting and they brawled each other back inside the ring. There Dean Ambrose came back with the Hook and Ladder.

For a quick intermission I have to say that I hate it that when the old IC title holders are mentioned, William Regal is never a part of that enumeration; yeah, we know, Pat Patterson, Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, but also William Regal – I wish Dean Ambrose would mention him from time to time (or he doesn’t do so because he’s told so).

After Kevin Owens had made it back inside the ring as well, we got a little break with all three men lying down on the mat after Dean Ambrose’s Pendulum Lariat. Shortly after Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens had a few moments together but then Dolph Ziggler came for a sleeper hold on Kevin Owens but Owens overcame with bombing himself and Ziggler onto Dean Ambrose – and all three men were back rolling around on the mat. But we were almost already able to sense the finish at this point with faster changes between opponents. And now we were back with Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens again and this really terrible landing by Dean Ambrose on his head / neck. This was exactly one of these moves that caused the surgery on William Regal’s neck and several other wrestlers; and it angers me when people say wrestling is fake. You can say it is scripted and winners know before the actual match takes place but it’s not fake because such injuries happen for real because the moves are done for real – fans already died for trying to copy such moves without training. So please stop saying that wrestling is fake – just don’t watch it if you don’t like it.

What made me slightly suspicious believing that Owens indeed botched that move, was the way WWE sold it – with numerous replays and the commentators referred to it right after it happened – because when an injury happens accidentally, usually cameras go off or to another happening at ringside or backstage and commentators don’t talk about it; so it was probably done on purpose and that makes me angry, too, because this is playing with the health of the wrestlers; they might be paid good money, but no money in the world can buy your health back when it’s gone. So, at least the action continued with Owens vs Ziggler outside the ring while doctors were probably checking on Dean Ambrose if he really was okay after that move.

After a short time Kevin Owens was back inside the ring for just another fist fight and Dean Ambrose was begging for more punches – always a beauty to watch. But Ziggler came back again, kicked Owens out the ring but Dean Ambrose hit a quick Dirty Deeds on Ziggler for the win after 13:30 minutes to retain his IC belt.

As for that little statement that I’ve used for the collage to this review, I like to believe that this was a message for Cesaro who also used to close his statements with “fact” for quite some time. And if so, yes, indeed, Cesaro is missed and I also hope that he’s coming back soon.


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