Since I’ve last written about WWE / Dean Ambrose, a few interesting things happened. And because Dean Ambrose’s third on-screen Intercontinental Championship defense is lurking just around the corner, I’m sitting down to write a little recap about these interesting things, the continuing feud between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens with my assumptions what might possibly happen at the Royal Rumble and what I hope will happen beyond. Enjoy.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Dean Ambrose spills some blood of Sheamus to show Kevin Owens how serious he is about his Intercontinental Championship

Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
Credit: hiitsmekevin on Tumblr.
The episode of RAW from 11 January 2016 started with Vince McMahon making his wet dream look strong, all WWE male wrestlers had to stand on the ramp to witness and then Sheamus attacked Dean Ambrose from behind to announce the first match of the night. Of course, before it started we had to watch a first commercial break and WWE paid both competitors the ultimate respect with starting the match during said commercial break. Lovely.

Now the match started with Sheamus dominating and thinking this could be a fun match to start the night with. But Dean Ambrose eventually came back with biting and clawing himself out of Sheamus’ dominance. With about four minutes into the match, Dean Ambrose embarrassed Sheamus in the most possible way in wrestling: hitting his opponent with one of his own signature moves, in this case the Beats of the Bodhrán. Dean Ambrose didn’t make it to ten because Sheamus was furious now and intensity grew immensely at this stage. Sheamus punished Dean Ambrose for this offense outside the ring and the commentators table had to suffer as well. Before we had to go through another commercial break, Dean Ambrose got a bit of an upper hand back with a suicide dive on Sheamus.

Dean Ambrose RAW 2016-01-11 And Dean Ambrose was still in control after the break with a Tornado DDT, a Flying Elbow and the Pendulum Lariat. Just a moment later, both men were outside the ring again. And while the referee started counting, Sheamus threw Dean Ambrose in several barricade sections and into the steel steps. But before Sheamus was able to hit Dean Ambrose into the ring post, Dean Ambrose countered. While the referee had already reached nine, Dean Ambrose made it sure with hitting Sheamus head against the ring post for three times, that the Irishman’s head was busted open and blood was all over his face. It almost looked intentional.

So, at around 13:30 minutes, both men were counted out and the match ended in a double disqualification. Dean Ambrose now unloaded all his aggression on the red faced Sheamus. He had already cleared the commentators table to finish Sheamus off but now it was Kevin Owens who attacked Dean Ambrose from behind. And six referees were hardly enough to keep Kevin Owens further away from Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose challenges Kevin Owens to a Last Man Standing match

The following SmackDown episode from 14 January 2016 started with Dean Ambrose inside the ring. I’m still not entirely sure why I’ve done it again but, yes, I transcribed this promo and you can read it right here:

“Call your friends, put the kiddies to bed and pop some cheap champagne: Dean Ambrose has an announcement! Hang on. This is very important, alright? So if we could: drumroll, please! [drumroll] Wow, that actually worked! Alright, here we go … wait, wait, no. Cut! Stop, stop everything! [drumroll goes off] Something’s missing, something’s missing; it doesn’t feel right. Something’s missing, what could it be? Oh, right, Kevin Owens! I need Kevin Owens out here right now. So come on down, Kev!

Yeah, figured that was a long shot. Oh, well, no big deal. I just wanna let Kevin Owens know that at the Royal Rumble I’m challenging him to a … actually, can I get that drumroll again, please? [drumroll] A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH! [drumroll goes off] So, Kevin Owens, if you wanna take this title off of me, how about you try to do what nobody has ever been able to do, put Dean Ambrose down and keep me down!”

Credit: guarding-gadreel on Tumblr.
Credit: guarding-gadreel on Tumblr.
“I know, I know, you guessed it, I’m not Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens is way more tanned than I am. I’ve to say, Deano … hey! oi! Look at me when I’m talking to ya, alright? I have to say, fella, looking at you in this ring, getting all excited, like a little kid, jumping around, letting your little drumroll music going. Well, you must feel so excited right now. I have to say though, just like a little kid, you really starting to annoy me and all the other adults in this place. I mean, watching you come in here in your KJ Nouver (?) or whatever the hell that thing was. You know, you standing in the ring in your little fantasy world that you live in, Dean? That’s what you do, you live in a fantasy world. But, Dean, let me explain something to you, fella, this isn’t fantasy, this is reality.”

Dean Ambrose:
“You formed the League Of Nations treehouse friendship club and I live in a fantasy land?”

“I don’t have time for your little jokes, Deano. The truth is, your best friend Roman Reigns stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship away from me. Yeah, you know it, everybody knows it! And because of him, I now have to compete with twenty-nine other superstars in the Royal Rumble match. And on top of that, we never got to finish that brawl that we started last Monday night on RAW. I’ve just one thing I hate, Dean, it’s starting a fight I don’t get to finish. But with this little souvenir on my head, well, I feel a little bit unfulfilled right now. And I feel I should repay; I feel I should come down there right now, cause I’m not waiting for a tag team match tonight. I’m gonna give you exactly what you gave to me, embarrass you in front of everybody here. I’ll leave a mark on your face that will last forever.”

Dean Ambrose:
“Ah, let me help you out. Let me help you with a little physical therapy, alright? Here is how it works: I beat on you until you cry. Come on, I’m ready.”

Dean Ambrose SD 2016-01-14Kevin Owens:
“Deano, I heard your little challenge there. And you what? I’m not out here because my tag team partner for tonight, the man with the hair brighter than the sun and the multiple holes in his face, Sheamus, happened to come out here first. And now there’s two of us and one of you. I’m out here to let you know that it doesn’t matter what kind of match we have. You are not walking out of the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View Intercontinental Champion. In fact, you are not walking out period. Dean, consider your challenge accepted. But that’s at the Royal Rumble. As far as tonight goes …”

Before something worse could happen, Neville came out to help Dean Ambrose and save the situation. And the tag team match to be the main event of SmackDown was still on. About that match I only have a few things to say: Jerry Lawler, really? Joking about Neville’s ears? Really? Can someone please take his seat? And the one from JBL on RAW? Thank you very much! But I liked that Mauro Ranallo called Dean Ambrose The Mercurial Intercontinental Champion. That’s far better than lunatic or crazy or any similar stupid adjective. Needless to say that this match was abandoned as well when both, Sheamus and Kevin Owens, used the steel steps and some pieces from the announce table to try to destroy Dean Ambrose after around 11 minutes. But Dean Ambrose and Neville still had the last laugh after Neville saved Dean Ambrose and then Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Kevin Owens and Neville hit the Red Arrow on Kevin Owens.

I’d really take DeanTV all day. Or Ambrose Alley. I don’t care about the Ambrose Asylum

First of all, one reason I don’t like the term Ambrose Asylum is because it isn’t a true alliteration; Ambrose Alley is a true alliteration, Hot Rod used this term to mock Dean Ambrose once, so it would be a nice tribute. But WWE went for Ambrose Asylum, so the only thing I can do is to ignore it as best as possible.

On RAW from 18 January 2016 we saw Dean Ambrose losing together with Kalisto against Alberto del Rio and Sheamus when Dean Ambrose let himself distract from Kevin Owens on commentary. That match lasted for 13:15 minutes and saw Dean Ambrose beaten up most of the time. Good indicator that Dean Ambrose will retain his Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble.

And finally on the episode of SmackDown from 21 January 2016, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens were guests on MizTV. But Dean Ambrose soon took over for his very own DeanTV and the following words he had to say:

Dean Ambrose SD 2016-01-21_b “Thanks for the introduction, Miz, I’ll take it from here, alright? You see, a Last Man Standing match is very serious business and someone can get seriously hurt. It’s not even really a match, it’s far more, it’s more like an amusement park. It’s kinda like an amusement park. (…) And when my fist hits your face, your mouth goes shut. (…) Now, sit in the corner there, bonehead. As I was saying, a Last Man Standing match is kinda like an amusement park. Right, roller coaster until you puke kind of amusement park. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always fun. A carnival of pain and destruction! And I plan on taking Kevin Owens on as many rides as possible.

Dean Ambrose SD 2016-01-21_a Take this one here, for example. I call this ride “Living On the Edge”. Kevin Owens likes to use this on his opponents. He likes to try to shorten people’s careers. On this Sunday, I’m gonna give him a taste of his own medicine. I’m gonna split Kevin Owens in half right here. And though we’re gonna move on over here. Now, maybe it’s just me but has anyone ever noticed that Kevin Owens kinda looks like a bear, a fuzzy bear, a mean bear? But, a kinda fuzzy bear. That’s why I call this number here “The Bear Trap”. All I gotta do is getting one of Kevin Owens’ filthy little paws stuck here and that big grizzly bear is all mine. I can smash his face into the steel, I can hit him with chairs, kendo sticks, garbage cans, cheese grater, the new SmackDown announcer – he’s all mine.

Dean Ambrose SD 2016-01-21_b And then, of course, we’ll move on over here to my favourite. I call this ride “Memory Lane”“. Right back to where it all started. It wasn’t all that long ago, Kevin Owens put me through this announce table. He powerbombed me through this very announce table. All part of his plan to drive me crazy. Yeah, nice try. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last time. But I’ll tell ya, I’ll tell ya! I am bursting at the themes at the thought to get my hands on Kevin Owens this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. I’m burying things full circle! I’m gonna put Kevin Owens through this table! I’m gonna put Kevin Owens down! And I’m gonna keep him down! And I will be just like always, the LAST MAN STANDING!”

Since Kevin Owens was still on as the second guest of the former MizTV, he now came out to tell Dean Ambrose that he doesn’t care about amusement parks because he was more one of a zoo enthusiast. Their match at the Royal Rumble will also be insanity vs obsession and his obsession will be victor against Dean Ambrose’s insanity. Now, Dean Ambrose liked to have this settled on DeanTV but he got blindsided for this again, this time by The Miz who wanted to have his show back. Kevin Owens enjoyed the sight of it but rather than finishing Dean Ambrose off, he pop-up powerbombed The Miz into the mat. That gave Dean Ambrose the needed seconds to fight back to overcome getting powerbomed himself. He wanted to hit Dirty Deeds on Kevin Owens but the latter was able to flee outside the ring. So, The Miz had to take the Dirty Deeds. After that, Dean Ambrose counted up to ten to demonstrate what will happen with Kevin Owens on Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Count me as hyped. And I also like that “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury seems to be Dean Ambrose’s favourite book (apart from any books about bicycles).

What to expect / hope for Dean Ambrose after the Royal Rumble?

Credit: WWE on Facebook.
Credit: WWE on Facebook.
As for the prediction for the very Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble, first I hope for a match of at least 20 minutes. Yes, I won’t be satisfied with 15 minutes and certainly not with just ten. If this is really the last gong to that feud, it has to go off with a bang. And I don’t mean a stupid finish that we had for almost every match Dean Ambrose had against Bray Wyatt. I want a clean finish, not just to that match but also to this feud and than would mean a ten count to Kevin Owens with, of course, Dean Ambrose retaining. Because if Dean Ambrose loses, this feud will continue. I wouldn’t have much of a problem with that but consequently it would just mean Dean Ambrose is shoved back down that pecking order once again. Or …

Well, or he loses this Intercontinental Championship just to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Royal Rumble match later on in the main event. Sounds really funny, doesn’t it? Well, of course it does. And it won’t happen. Whether there is Triple H coming out as no. 30 or – surprise, surprise – Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles or whoever – anyone will win this title but Dean Ambrose. Actually, the moment I heard that Roman Reigns will have to go into the Royal Rumble as no. 1, the moment I basically knew that he will retain. He’ll also set another new record for most eliminations. And Dean Ambrose will have to play his part as the helping little lapdog brother. Or is he even in the Royal Rumble match?

From what I’ve vaguely read on some dirt sheets or just spotted on my Twitter timeline, most people think that Triple H will win the title, so we’ll have Triple H as champ against Reigns at WrestleMania. Wouldn’t surprise me at all actually. But I don’t really care about this match after all.

What’s also speculated is a new feud between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. Since Sami Zayn is back and Kevin Owens already confronted the man at a NXT live event, these two could continue their business that should have happened before Sami Zayn got injured and needed his surgery. So, it seems almost certain that Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens have to finish their feud clean. It wouldn’t make sense for, let’s just say, Chris Jericho attacking Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens getting the title. Because a re-match would be needed. Maybe if Jericho attacks Ambrose but the latter still keeps his title, so Ambrose needs to confront Jericho and Kevin Owens accepts his defeat.

However it is planned, the plants for this Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho feud were already seeded last year. Dean Ambrose could finally get more talking time – and just after this latest SmackDown promo Dean Ambrose proved that he can talk anything and everything. Don’t write him his promos, just let him talk. Just make Ambrose and Jericho do their thing. Knowing WWE, they will still keep them on the short leash. For some reason they think that Reigns is a born talker. So who am I hoping they could actually realize that Dean Ambrose needs more mic time?


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