There is no problem making Dean Ambrose into the underdog of the Triple Threat match at Fastlane. He actually already was. But will he appear stronger in the actual match? Where is the tiny part for his Intercontinental Championship? And will Dean Ambrose finally part from Reigns? Plus: a few words on the retirement of Daniel Bryan.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Dean Ambrose was added to the Fastlane main event to make Brock Lesnar heel again

It was pretty obvious for most people that Dean Ambrose wasn’t considered to be placed in the main event at Fastlane for himself. He’s just there for others again. He’s there to take the pin from Reigns (just recently I noticed that besides “Boring Reigns” there is also “Roman Lames” making the rounds on the internet – nice), so Brock Lesnar doesn’t have to take it. He’s also there to play the weak little brother, so Reigns can appear as the strong big brother. And just with the latest episode of RAW it was made clear that Dean Ambrose has to do anything to turn the audiences against Brock Lesnar again.

Let’s face it, having stare downs between Triple H, who is the ultimate authority heel now in WWE, and Brock Lesnar doesn’t help the cause at all. Of course, people will cheer Brock Lesnar when it’s just him against Triple H. And they will cheer Brock Lesnar when it’s just him against Reigns – for obvious reasons. And then there is Dean Ambrose whom every single audience cheered on so far until he went against Brock Lesnar. There was this first promo of him against Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman and it was brilliant. But still some people booed him because they already are used to cheer Brock Lesnar. He’s still considered as heel but with every beating he gave Reigns, his likability grew. Every time, Paul Heyman says, Brock Lesnar will give Reigns a really good beating, people will cheer it. It should be obvious by now also to the WWE officials.

Because this is where Dean Ambrose comes in. He’s the current Intercontinental Champion and he should defend his Intercontinental Championship on RAW or SmackDown, not just on live events. Instead he was thrown into this storyline with Reigns again to help the guy – again.

As much as I am excited about a possible match at WrestleMania between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose, if he’s booked like this weak underdog all the time then there won’t be anything exciting about it. I’ve already written a possible outcome of Fastlane that could lead to a one-on-one match at WrestleMania 32. And there wouldn’t be a point of booking Dean Ambrose that weak if there wasn’t any change later on. So, I still hope for better and stronger booking for Dean Ambrose. And hopefully he won’t need other cheap shots like on RAW. Sure, you’ll use anything if your opponent is Brock Lesnar but a shot from behind to the body part that hurts the most to a man by a babyface? Such cheap shots are usually used by heels. So I guess that’s only WWE teasing without doing it later. To complete this part of the article, I add the little promo by Dean Ambrose that made Brock Lesnar joining him at ringside. The audience didn’t like it very much:

"Was it an F2, an F3?"
“Was it an F2, an F3?”
“Hey, Brock Lesnar! What do you call that what you gave me out here earlier – was it an F2, an F3? It certainly couldn’t have been an F5; I thought the F5 was supposed to hurt. I mean, I thought the F5 was supposed to keep me down, supposed to crush me and conquer me. But like I said, Brock Lesnar can’t keep me down; Brock Lesnar can’t kill me; Brock Lesnar can’t get the job done! Hey, Brock, why don’t you come out here and try it again and this time put some stake on it! Man, maybe Triple H was right with what he said last week, maybe Suplex City’s going soft. Brock Lesnar has gone soft. That sounds like a personal problem. What’s the matter, Brock? Can’t get it up for the big fight? And I guess, Pauly didn’t give you any permission. Now I knew Paul Heyman was your advocate, Brock, but I didn’t know he was required to hold your balls! BROCK LESNAR!”

There are far too many penis jokes in that promo that there is no doubt these words coming straight from the pen of Vince McMahon. I said this for a couple of times now but I like to wonder again why this WWE program is supposed to be PG when Big Auld Vinnie always works in such trash / penis related jokes? Please someone, just anybody, tell Big Auld Vinnie that this isn’t funny at all.

What we can expect from Fastlane and what we need to get from Fastlane

People don’t want to see Reigns vs Triple H at WrestleMania. And because of no better option, they will cheer the hell out of Triple H. People want to see Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. But they know that Dean Ambrose will be the reason that they won’t get it. Dean Ambrose will be the reason why the main event of WrestleMania 32 will be Reigns vs Triple H. That’s why they boo him. If it was just about Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose, it would be a clear heel vs babyface concept. But as long as Dean Ambrose has to play this stupid little brother role for Reigns, people will always be confused. It just doesn’t work.

People already – again – discuss a Dean Ambrose heel turn at Fastlane and initially I didn’t want to comment about it. Because at this point everyone should know, when WWE tease something you can be sure it won’t happen. And WWE tease a Dean Ambrose heel turn for at least one year by now. So what’s the point this time? First of all, Dean Ambrose doesn’t need to turn against Reigns to be on his own at last. Just book them in separate storylines. There are other babyfaces or heels who rarely cross paths. So why these two? Just because they were in The Shield together?

WWE just still think that people who like Dean Ambrose automatically like Reigns. Reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually it’s the opposite: people start to dislike Dean Ambrose because of Reigns. And they are fed up with them being thrown together every two months when WWE think Reigns could need a boost. There are still these so-called Ambreigns fans, I know that. But I also feel that the other part of the WWE Universe is highly annoyed by this tag team that isn’t really a tag team.

So, they already discuss what could happen at and after Fastlane. Most people think or hope for a Dean Ambrose heel turn. That would mean Reigns remaining a babyface that will be booed. And if Dean Ambrose will have a match as heel against Reigns, people will now cheer for Dean Ambrose and boo for Reigns. If Triple H vs Reigns really happens at WrestleMania 32, Triple H will be cheered with Reigns booed.

I guess, all of you already got the pattern. So, what’s the solution? Well, actually it’s quite easy to see that: a Reigns heel turn at Fastlane. Now the audiences can boo the hell out of Reigns and WWE won’t grow any further grey hair about it. If Dean Ambrose is on his own against Brock Lesnar, he can make audiences cheer for him and boo Brock Lesnar again. The only thing that needs to change as well, is turning the authority at least tween. Then we could have two correctly booked matches with the right reactions from the WrestleMania 32 crowd.

Daniel Bryan retired. But why are people so shocked?

I very well know that I’m not on the majority side with this opinion. I actually might be one of the few who doesn’t like Daniel Bryan. To make it clear: I’m not saying that I don’t like Bryan Danielson. From what I’ve read from him personal he’s very likely someone with whom I’d like to share a bit of time. He really seems to be a great guy outside of the ring. I just don’t like his in-ring persona. I tried really hard, believe me. And for the longest time I didn’t know why I don’t like this Yes! Man of WWE.

Today, I think it’s a few things about him that just come together, so I don’t even have a soft spot for him. First of all, it’s this Yes! chant. I simply can’t stand it. I can’t stand any catchphrase and this Yes! chant is the worst. You might say, but catchphrases are one main part of wrestling. Maybe wrestling isn’t for you. But I enjoy the matches and some promos, basically some deeper storylines. I’m very selective when it comes to wrestling. And it is with reason that the three wrestlers I like most, Dean Ambrose, William Regal and Cesaro, don’t have catchphrases at all.

Then it’s the chant itself. People chant it at every single occasion. It’s annoying and basically, I don’t like chanting masses because it makes them appear like one big mass with one big brain – individuals give up their own identities and their minds and chant what everyone else is chanting without thinking. For someone whose great-grandfather killed himself to escape the Nazis, I’m always suspicious about such phenomena, even in “entertainment”.

And last but not least, I simply don’t like his gimmick and in-ring style. I just can’t connect with him. Maybe because the Yes! chant overshadows everything about Daniel Bryan. I don’t know. His style isn’t just for me. I also might have been a bit angry because last year he was shoved into the Intercontinental Championship storyline and finally took the belt at WrestleMania 31 when the IC title was made popular again by Dean Ambrose. We all know what happened afterwards: Daniel Bryan had to vacate the belt because of his injuries. And he was out until this week.

With his injuries over the past two years I actually expected him to retire every single week this year. There were always so-called rumours of him coming back before every single Pay-Per-View. And maybe this very last rumour that Daniel Bryan would have been cleared to wrestle by doctors outside the WWE but Vince McMahon didn’t want for him to come back, might have been a grain of truth coming from Daniel Bryan himself. So, him declaring his retirement in his home state of Washington made the audience chanting for Daniel Bryan even more and don’t really caring for Dean Ambrose – or worse – react in a bad way towards the man who was portrayed as the underdog – that role that Daniel Bryan used to play for the longest time.

So, of course I wish Daniel Bryan all the best for his future. But I also hope that fans won’t demand for his return at any coming show. To remember better times from both men, Dragon Gate USA uploaded the match between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley from 26 September 2010, Way of the Ronin, on YouTube. Have fun:


4 thoughts on “Rassling Ragbag 2016/02/11: About the role Dean Ambrose has to play towards Fastlane and him getting booed in the homeland of WWE’s personified underdog for this very role

  1. It’s weird. I went from being really excited for Ambrose, coming off from an impressive performance from the Royal Rumble, to being worried on what they’re trying to do with him for Fastlane and Wrestlemania. On one hand, the main event for Fastlane seems a lot more exciting with Ambrose in there because he’s aggressively going after Lesnar. On the other hand, it looks like he was added so that it doesn’t make it that obvious that Reigns will win and face off against Triple H. I just don’t want to see him lose his momentum, and I think it would be sad for Ambrose to lose in another PPV in his homestate again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only thing WWE can do with that Triple Threat match to make it really surprising, is making Ambrose winning it. I mean, people already discuss Triple H vs Reigns, because it seems pretty obvious that Reigns will win. That’s why the focus entirely is on Ambrose vs Lesnar and people already discuss Ambrose vs Lesnar at WM. Just imagine the finish of Fastlane if Ambrose actually wins. Ambrose certainly won’t be booed in his home state!


      1. If they were looking to recreate Daniel Bryan’s Wrestlemania moment – an underdog overcoming the odds and The Authority – Ambrose would be perfect in that role. That’s the real story that’s being overlooked while WWE is trying desperately to build Reigns up as this big superstar for last 2 years. It would be wonderful if Ambrose won but I don’t want to keep my hopes up.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yup, that’s definitely a scenario we shouldn’t put too much hope in. Won’t happen. Instead they will keep Triple H vs Reigns and get Triple H being cheered with Reigns being booed. Puts the whole (very simple) concept of wrestling upside down. WWE can see it but they still think they have all the tools to fool the majority of fans and make people cheer for Reigns. The harder they try, the worse it gets for Reigns. They just don’t get it.


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