Knitting this rainbow ball is quite easy. And from own experience I can tell you that your cat will love it. Here is a short instruction how to do it.

You need six strands in yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple.
You need six strands in yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple.

It’s already some kind of tradition by now that one tiny gift for my brother’s birthday is a fresh new ball for his two cats. This year I knitted a rainbow coloured one and chose to write this little instruction piece for everyone who always wondered how to do it. The knitting itself is pretty easy. The only difficult part is how to weave in the last two strands to get the finished ball.

What you need to knit the rainbow ball

  • Six skeins of wool.
    Or just one skein if you like your ball in just one colour. Or six leftovers of wool. It just has to be enough to knit the six strands and all sorts of wool have to be of the same thickness, so all strands will have almost the same length. It’s also much easier to weave together all strands if they have different colours. But this is up to you.
  • Two knitting needles.
  • One crochet hook or one sewing needle.
    One of these is needed to sew together all six strands. I’ve already tried both methods and maybe it’s easier with the sewing needle. But if you like to crochet, then use the crochet hook.
  • At least 14 safety pins.
    You really need them to fix the first four strands, so it’s not impossible to weave in the remaining two strands.

How to knit the rainbow ball

For every strand you cast on 20 stitches, then knit 68 rows in stocking stitch, which means one knit row and one purl row. After the 68 rows you just cast off all stitches and leave on a thread long enough to sew together both ends of the strand later on, so you get a loop. All strands will curl on both sides as you can see in the picture on top. In the case of the ball, that’s actually good because it fills the ball and makes it more stable.

Use the safety pins to fix the first four strands.
Use the safety pins to fix the first four strands.

When you’ve finished to knit all six strands, you can already sew together the first two strands to two separate loops. Turn the two ends of one strand and put them together, so the purl sides are outside. Now sew both ends together, then turn it back and put the curling back, so you get one perfect loop. Do it again with the second strand. Then weave in the next two strands as you can see in the picture right above. If you imagine your ball as a cube with six sides, it might be easier to imagine how you need to weave in the strands. But with just four it’s still pretty easy.

Now, first fix the loose ends of strand number three and four, then fix the two already finished sides of your ball / cube. Next is to sew together the ends of strand number three and four. And if you’ve done this, it’s time to finish the ball / cube with weaving in the last remaining strands. You can scroll to the top of this page to see the finished rainbow ball. Just keep in mind that your ball is just a cube and it should perfectly work. If it looks not right to you, pull the last two strands back out and try it again. Sometimes you miss one weaving piece because this last part really is a little tricky.

After sewing together the last two strands to two loops, you can hide the seams and just pluck all strands into similar pieces, so your cube finally looks like an actual ball. You can also put in a little bell into the ball, so your cat has got even more fun playing with it.

So, I hope this instruction was of some help if you came here wanting to know how to knit such a ball. If you’ve still got any questions, just ask in the commentary section right below. And if this was of any use for you, just leave me a message as well to let me know. I’m happy enough about any comment in here.

And now, have fun knitting your very own rainbow ball.


4 thoughts on “The Rainbow Ball: how to knit a colourful toy for your cat

  1. I felt a kinship with you before with our shared love of Dean Ambrose, but now the knitting? That may be even more awesome! One of my favorite hobbies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I just knit those balls (one per year), scarfs in winter and ridiculously colourful socks – all very easy stuff and I’m not very patient to do it over several hours. But, yes, I kinda like knitting. What do you like to knit? The pullovers, coats and Aran jackets?


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