I’ve already had my say about Fastlane. And also with Dean Ambrose having lost his Intercontinental Championship didn’t change my mind. But I noticed something in marketing Dean Ambrose that I like to share. He also got a pretty decent new tee shirt. Enjoy.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Those pictures that you just saw on the collage aren’t from this past week. You may have noticed that they were actually done in Bremen, Germany, during the recent live tour there. I chose them to honour the short run of Dean Ambrose as Intercontinental Champion. The belt is now with Kevin Owens again. And I almost like to see this Fatal-5-Way match on RAW as a farewell match for Dean Ambrose from the mid-card. Because, of course, the Intercontinental Championship is one of the mid-card titles. I say almost because losing this belt certainly doesn’t guarantee Dean Ambrose to win the Fatal-3-Way match. He can be easily shoved back to mid-card when he doesn’t win on Sunday at Fastlane.

But there are still a few indications that make me wonder if WWE maybe really actually considering for Dean Ambrose to win and become the No.1 contender to main event WrestleMania 32.

It’s always about the little things in life

Credit: WWE on Instagram.
Credit: WWE on Instagram.
I’ve mentioned it from time to time that WWE likes to use special camera lenses, especially fish-eye lenses. So when you focus on someone or an arm, this someone or the arm will appear bigger and stronger than anything else in the picture, especially when the latter is put to the right or left side. When Reigns was pushed as the Big Dog, the big brother of Dean Ambrose, he was always in front and Dean Ambrose (when both men were in the same picture) appeared at least two inches smaller than Reigns.

And now look at the picture on the left. It’s from the Instagram account of WWE and was published there during the latest episode of SmackDown. It almost looks like Reigns is some extra or sidekick of Dean Ambrose, and he definitely looks like two inches smaller than Dean Ambrose, right? It’s definitely not an accident because everything in WWE is done on purpose, especially when it comes to promo shootings, pictures and else. But WWE also likes to play games as we all painfully know.

There was also this official WWE digital photograph you were already able to see on the very top of this page from the latest episode of SmackDown: a beaten Reigns appearing blurry and hardly recognizable in the foreground, and a sharp Dean Ambrose in the back. Very symbolic. And then we also had Dean Ambrose opening RAW with a promo. When did that happen before? I can’t remember, so it’s definitely been a while.

Credit: WWE Shop(available from 07 / 16 March 2016)
Credit: WWE Shop
(available from 07 / 16 March 2016)
And then we have this new shirt of Dean Ambrose. Only available in two resp. three weeks from now, it’s the first one in WWE that officially features some barbed wire on any Dean Ambrose merchandize. He already had some trunks with barbed wire in FCW and of course the Justin Barbed Wire belt.

Dean Ambrose This shirt still has got Lunatic and Asylum written on the back. But it’s actually a more focused idiom. That he’d run the place is definitely more positive than being a lunatic without a plan or similar. The barbed wire also is a personal touch that’s a reminder on Dean Ambrose’s past. So, this isn’t just a new design that actually rocks, it’s also a better message than just saying this lunatic has got a screw loose and doesn’t care about his well-being.

But we still thrive for the big things in life

Where Dean Ambrose really stands, we’ll clearly see on Sunday. I’ve already a dozen and probably more scenarios in mind what could happen, including Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar to help Dean Ambrose and become his manager; Dean Ambrose turns on Reigns because he was finally “convinced” by Stephanie McMahon but she only wanted the weakest possible opponent for her husband; Reigns turns on Dean Ambrose, wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and then feuds with Dean Ambrose.

That’s only three of those scenarios I can imagine. But the most important thing for me is: something really important needs to happen. It can’t just be someone wins this Triple Threat match. Dean Ambrose and Reigns need to be separated from each other, with one of them turning on the other. The Shield needs to part completely. Finally. I don’t want to see any Ambreigns tag-teaming after Fastlane.


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