A literal Roadblock is standing in front of WrestleMania. But despite what Dean Ambrose says, it won’t change anything. But that doesn’t take away from those two matches I’m very much looking forward to. Also in this edition of Rassling Ragbag: me moaning about moaning smarks plus the obligatory scenario that won’t happen. Enjoy!

Dean Ambrose_collage

I bet you thought you’d never hear from me again, at least when it comes to wrestling. And actually, I just watched all Dean Ambrose segments from the last fortnight yesterday. I still enjoy watching the guy, especially in the past fortnight, even though I know that he’s only used for this other guy and works as his placeholder. I’m not mad about it anymore because it’s just like it is – if WWE isn’t able to get it than I just enjoy the few bones that they throw at us. But I’m not forcing me again to write about every WWE show. I’ll stick with the ‘Rassling Ragbag’, make up my mind about recent events, maybe transcribe really great promos and write down some fantasy scenarios that will never happen (especially when I’ve written them down) until Dean Ambrose is able to work for himself and himself alone.

I also have a lot of other things to write, some of them for money, so expect the ‘Rassling Ragbag’ once in a fortnight at best. One thing I have to say before I go on with today’s topics: I sure noticed that some of you came back to my blog to see if there is something new. Most of times you were left disappointed because there was just something about Austrian literature and some old (fabulous!) actor. To avoid disappointment, you can follow this blog and then you’re noticed if there’s something new. I also suggest to scroll down to the ‘Eire+Alba Pages’ section: chances are that there is something new – and you aren’t able to see this at the top of this page. And last but not least, you can leave a comment, because that makes me happy (most of times) and might force me to write a little more frequently. And now, let’s go straight to the point with everything I want to say about ‘Roadblock’ and ‘WrestleMania 32’.

An amount of feuds that last for a (wrestling) lifetime

Credit: ambrosethreigns on Tumblr.
Credit: ambrosethreigns on Tumblr.

Within a fortnight, Dean Ambrose is not just having a great match at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, he also got the attention of Triple H and Kevin Owens (again). Here are just a few loose thoughts about those loose threads:

  • Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 32)
    I still think that Dean Ambrose will lose this match, and I hope that he’ll get a re-match at SummerSlam which he’ll win. It will depend on how well this match will be received. So not just the ability of those two to work a match against each other will make this match one to remember but they also need to get the time to tell their story, get a bit of freedom and WWE officials not sweating about Ambrose vs Lesnar could “steal the show”. They will do so anyway, so get them freedom and make them show what they can. Make them tell their story. Now, Lesnar made it clear to everybody that he’s far above Ambrose in power and strength. But Ambrose made it clear that he’ll always come back – at all costs and even with less body parts. There might be blood.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Triple H (Roadblock)
    What’s really behind this match? Giving fans what they didn’t get for WrestleMania in desperate hope to somehow embrace the main event on the biggest stage? Is it a crossroad for Dean Ambrose where he can show that he is a main eventer? I’m still pretty much convinced that WWE doesn’t care how good certain wrestlers are. Because the most important aspects for them still are face and body. Actual wrestling and a voice matter in other companies, but not so much in WWE. So, I guess this match was done to make people hate on Triple H again, since he was cheered when he was one-on-one with Reigns. And there WWE does it again: the same mistake. They somehow still think that people who like Dean Ambrose, also like Reigns. So, their logic is: Dean Ambrose makes Triple H hated, so Triple H is the perfect heel at WrestleMania. But it won’t work. People will boo Reigns regardless and cheer Triple H, despite him getting booed at Roadblock. Hopefully WWE will wake up after WrestleMania.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens (????)
    So, last week on SmackDown, Dean Ambrose won a non-title match against Kevin Owens clear. Dean Ambrose still didn’t have his re-match for the Intercontinental Championship. Is WWE reserving this match for after WrestleMania as this loose thread that they can continue or not, depending of how Roadblock and WrestleMania works? At least, there a a couple of loose threads for Dean Ambrose and quite a few roads he can go after WrestleMania. It shouldn’t be desert for him like it was last year or two years ago.

Attention, all you moaners about Michael Cole and his pronunciation of DoubaYouDoubaYouEE: he does it on purpose because he knows that it makes you mad

Dean Ambrose
I always read it everywhere: people are literally sick of the way, Michael Cole pronounces WWE. I can’t find anything bad about it but it makes me laugh all the time he says it because then I think about all those guys who complain about his pronunciation. Seriously, if you moan about such things, your life can’t be that bad. To make me smile once again, have here the interview Michael Cole did with Dean Ambrose this week to discuss all things Roadblock, Triple H, WrestleMania and Brock Lesnar:

And I’m still waiting for Dean Ambrose used for Dean Ambrose – not just as placeholder for someone else

Dean Ambrose
Because, can’t you hear, WWE? All the cheers for a babyface, how it should be? Can’t you listen, WWE? To the best promos in WWE since CM Punk? And can’t you see, WWE? The emotion and excitement that Dean Ambrose brings to. Every. Single. Audience?

It always takes a lot of fun and enjoyment away from me, when Dean Ambrose has to mention Reigns, so people somehow keep getting remembered about the guy. I still think that Reigns was written off, so he didn’t have to face some certain crowds like Chicago this week for RAW. What about the future? Will you write him off TV every time he’d have to face an anti-Reigns crowd? Is there already a map available? Not just your booking created this scenario, also the limited abilities of the guy. And Dean Ambrose steps in, has got an instant reaction and most of the fans on his side. What else do you want? I’ll probably wait forever until Dean Ambrose is finally used for himself. And that’s a serious shame.

I’ve done it again: made up a scenario that won’t happen – but I’m gonna tell you anyway

Dean Ambrose
With recent events in NXT including William Regal and Baron Corbin, I instantly had a scenario in mind that I needed to write down – for me, for you and maybe some WWE officials that just don’t know how to use Dean Ambrose (there will be a time in the near future when this “problem” will occur again!).

Now, last week on NXT, Baron Corbin got an eye for an eye with William Regal, spoiled Austin Aries introduction to NXT and finally threw Aries’ shirt into William Regal’s face. William Regal has got trouble with Baron Corbin the whole year of 2016 already and he looked seriously fed up with Corbin that time last week. I know that William Regal just made a match between Baron Corbin and Austin Aries at the next NXT TakeOver: Dallas but I can still dream about this very scenario that I’ve got in mind:

  1. Baron Corbin beats down William Regal, maybe after he lost against Aries at NXT TakeOver: Dallas on 1 April 2016. William Regal steps down as NXT General Manager because with the beating he lost the respect from all NXT wrestlers and staff;
  2. We all know that Roman Reigns is the favourite boy of Vince McMahon. And we all know that Seth Rollins is the favourite boy of Triple H. William Regal says that Cesaro is the most complete wrestler but he also loves Dean Ambrose. And since WrestleMania 32 will take place on 3 April 2016 – also in Dallas – William Regal would be free to make a short impression to help Dean Ambrose for the win against Brock Lesnar;
  3. After WrestleMania 32 a game like Chad Gable and Jason Jordan played it at the start of them teaming with each other, William Regal and Dean Ambrose could play something similar: William Regal wants to help the guy getting to the very top where he never was and Dean Ambrose could try to refuse him because he wants to do it all by himself. But he finally gives in and also finally gets to the top.

I know, William Regal as General Manager of NXT is the best that was, that is and that ever will be, but like I said, this is just a dream scenario by me that won’t ever happen. So you don’t need to be afraid.

Show this in promo class and you’ve got one perfect example of how you doing it ‘meh’ and another one of how you doing it ‘yeah’

“The road to WrestleMania was free and clear and everybody knew where they were going. I was getting off on that Suplex City exit; Triple H planned of going into WrestleMania as WWE Champion; and he planned on taking on Roman Reigns. And that was that: plans are set in stone, we already printed the posters, we’re off to the races.

And then Dean Ambrose shows up and plans to screw everything up by winning the WWE Championship on March 12th. How inconvenient! Alright, I know, it’s bad timing three weeks before WrestleMania. But I don’t care. I don’t care what Triple H’s plans were; I don’t care what Roman Reigns’ plans were. The fact of the matter is, this Saturday night on the WWE Network, I’m hijacking the WWE Championship and I’m hijacking WrestleMania whether anybody likes it or not!

And this, uh, this poor attitude this, uh, gotten me in trouble with some people, people like to tell me that I should respect authority, that I should know my place and bow down to authority. In fact, Triple H, just last week, tried to beat respect for authority into me with his bare hands right there on that announce table.

Nice try! But you wanna talk about respect? Let’s talk about respect, Triple H! You will respect me this Saturday night at Roadblock when I drill your head into this canvas, when I pin you in the middle of the ring and I stand over top of you and I hold up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You will respect me because I will be the face of your company!

This face is gonna be on Oprah; this face is gonna be on People’s Magazine. Me and Triple H, we’re gonna […] charity functions together, ribbon cuttings; we’re gonna throw the first pitch at baseball games; we’re gonna go to schools and talk to kids – I love kids, that is like regular people, just smaller. In fact, I’m supposed to gel for this: ‘Kids, don’t try this at home’.

Triple H is gonna stand up and clap and show me respect when I walk into a room! Triple H, I’m gonna make Triple H buy me a brand new shiny suit; I’m gonna make Triple H buy me a brand new shiny pair of shoes; Jesus, I don’t even know how to wear lapel pins; I mean, how to work a lapel pin. You know, I come to think of it, I’m never gonna wear a suit. I mean, I look good in a suit, but don’t think I’ll ever gonna wear a suit.

Actually come to think of it, all these extra […] activities that come along with being a WWE Champion, don’t sound too appealing at all. But what does sound appealing: being WWE Champion! Coming out here every single night like I do, laying it all on the line, taking on the best competition in the world every night, and being the kind of WWE Champion that these people deserve!”

I always get my ‘Dean Ambrose’ Google Alerts at 7pm and just read on a wrestling forum how bad this promo of Dean Ambrose was. A couple of people jumped the band wagon and told the internet how seriously bad it was and that they can’t remember a single good and memorable promo by Dean Ambrose. I don’t really want to comment this. If those people really believe what they say there, then be it. But you really need to be deaf and blind for this opinion. Seriously, if you can’t enjoy those promos then you’re just some wrestling smark who moans about literally everything. I tend to moan a lot but where respect is due, I’ll pay it. If you can’t appreciate the obvious then you’re just some ignorant git who shouldn’t stuff the internet with his useless babbling.

For me, it was just another promo that was really close to his Moxley or FCW-Ambrose days. It was serious, it was presented like he’d mean every single word of it and he drew the whole audience (apart from those never satisfied with anything guys) into his speech and made them hyped for his match against Triple H. Was it this great presentation that made Triple H stumble a lot during his own reply just later on? I don’t know but this isn’t how a serious meant promo should sound like. Instead it sounded not well remembered and somewhat forced, definitely not that easy going and with good and natural rhythm like Dean Ambrose did his speech.

Most wrestlers have got all the same rhythm in their promos. Those people are trained this way in promo class because they aren’t really good on their own. Like Dean Ambrose sometimes stresses in interviews: promos and generally talking in front of a camera (to a storyline) comes naturally to him. And you can hear that (if you want or are able to listen).

Nota bene: I have to thank Mauro Ranallo for the headline this time. He used the exclamation of “the will, the skill, the heart” to describe how Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens at last week’s edition of SmackDown.


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