Nothing else was that obvious and foreshadowing for a long time: Dean Ambrose becoming Mr Money in the Bank and cashing in at the same night to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I wasn’t excited because when something is that obvious, WWE is prone for doing something completely different. That they actually did it, made me just say: FINALLY. What else I have to say a couple of days later, you can read here. Enjoy!

Dean Ambrose_collage

Prologue: Business as usual – Dean Ambrose hypes the coming Pay-Per-View

When I read that there would be an Ambrose Asylum with Rollins and Reigns as Dean Ambrose’s guests on the last episode of RAW before Money in the Bank, I was annoyed and didn’t watch it. Because there were two basic points that made me not caring about this Pay-Per-View already:

  1. Dean Ambrose is connected with his ex Shield “brothers” again – will those two be always connected with him for his entire remaining career in WWE? Probably.
  2. Dean Ambrose is out there to hype not only his own Money in the Bank ladder match but also the whole show. And he’s out there to be made look strong, so Ambrose fans are forced to tune in hoping that he finally gets what he deserves just to be left disappointed once again. Because for how many times did we have to experience this already?

I can’t even remember about the last time I watched a Pay-Per-View live, let alone an episode of RAW or SmackDown. I’m not quitting after the first lost match of one of my favourite wrestlers. I kept watching myself through a lot of bad treatment and illogical storylines Dean Ambrose had been thrown his way. But there was a period when I decided that I just pick the best bones and leave out the stuff I don’t enjoy. And finally, NXT was everything left for me in watching wrestling.

Sure, I still read the results of the shows but I read from the last week before Money in the Bank, seriously wasn’t promising. Because it was the same old pattern, the WWE always did with Dean Ambrose since the break-up of The Shield in June 2014: keeping him down until around two weeks before the next Pay-Per-View, then having him a few hype promos, so they are able to cut together great hype vignettes, so Dean Ambrose fans are convinced that this time he’ll have his big moment.

I still haven’t watched Dean Ambrose’s match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania because of this: great built-up – hugely disappointing match. So, what exactly was about to change this time? It was the perfect setting for an ex Shield triple threat match at SummerSlam. But then I thought, nah, come on, they’re gonna save this for WrestleMania, so they hype Dean Ambrose again, make dirt sheets put out “rumours” and doing everything like they always do.

Only in retrospect I watched the Ambrose Asylum with Rollins and Reigns plus Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho on RAW. Cesaro as the ring announcer has been great and most enjoyable. He should do this full time! Now, Dean Ambrose winning this match against Chris Jericho plus got the pin on Kevin Owens in the 6-man tag match at the following SmackDown were just two other hints that usually lead to something completely different.

So, the teasing, hinting and trolling game had been in full effect right before Money in the Bank took place. And I finally came to the conclusion that Kevin Owens would walk away as Mr Money in the Bank.

Money in the Bank, part I: Dean Ambrose is Mr Money in the Bank

Right before the ladder match started, Dean Ambrose had his final say about this match and also teased that he could cash in later on this night. We’ve heard this several times before and he never had been right for a big match with a big prize on the line. So, in doing everything the same like always, fans of Dean Ambrose were already sent back to reality, guessing that Kevin Owens or anyone else would take the briefcase (and some smarks cried afterwards that it wasn’t Kevin Owens – just get a life; at some point, Owens will also be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But Dean Ambrose deserved this being before him).

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
As per usual, the match started furious with six high energetic guys, all of them making a first strong impression, on top of the crop clearly Cesaro during those early stages. I need to point out that I was very happy when Cesaro made it to this match because I always enjoy him being in the same match with Dean Ambrose. Because of the feud that Dean Ambrose had with William Regal but it actually was Cesaro who wrestled William Regal in this man’s last match on screen, this trio will always have a special place in my heart.

It took a while until the first ladder made it into the ring. And it was Chris Jericho who brought it in. He and Cesaro toyed around with it a bit, Chris Jericho always having the upper hand during this little fight. But finally Dean Ambrose made it back inside the ring to get revenge on Jericho for the beaten up Cesaro. Yes, that’s the way I see it and you can’t convince me otherwise!

I also very much enjoyed their next spot. Chris Jericho reminded Dean Ambrose of the 69 thumbtacks that have had to be removed out of his body. And he started to get his own revenge when he tried to hit Dean Ambrose 69 times with the ladder. I always love the way Chris Jericho is screaming and yelling in his light voice. And this time I always died of laughing.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
But he only made it to seven. Then he was interrupted by Alberto del Rio. And also Cesaro was back in the ring. Alberto del Rio chose Cesaro for being his victim whom he intended to shove into a ladder he’d just placed on top of one corner. But Cesaro had other plans. He countered, hit Alberto del Rio with an uppercut, then Chris Jericho, then Dean Ambrose, so all of those three guys were firmly placed in one of the remaining corners. Now, Cesaro shrugged slightly but then the uppercut party started – another fun spot. Until Kevin Owens had enough, ended the uppercut party and finally shoved Cesaro into the still waiting ladder. Sometimes fate is cruel!

But Kevin Owens also learned something from Cesaro. Because he was about to start a lengthy cannonball party when Sami Zayn interrupted him. Now he wanted to go for a helluva kick party but he better cleared the ring to get another ladder inside of it to remind all people about the real purpose of this match. But he didn’t came far. Alberto del Rio got Sami Zayn back down and then continued to run rampant on him, Dean Ambrose (outside the ring), Kevin Owens and Cesaro. One smaller ladder was brought into the ring for that series of punishment. Very slowly Alberto del Rio made his way up the ladder while Chris Jericho had to suffer this time for trying to stop him.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Cesaro came back to life when he climbed up the ladder from the other side. But high up there he was trapped into an arm breaker by Alberto del Rio and was only able to climb back down because Kevin Owens superkicked Alberto del Rio onto the canvas again. And because Cesaro was still standing on the ladder and Kevin Owens was well placed, Cesaro used a springboard corkscrew uppercut (is this the right name?) to take Kevin Owens out momentarily. Now alone in the ring, Cesaro tried his luck in climbing the ladder but Dean Ambrose made a rare appearance to bring the man back down with Dirty Deeds. Then Chris Jericho went for the ladder but Dean Ambrose took him down as well. Only for Dean Ambrose to go for it now but he ended in a codebreaker by Jericho.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
This climbing fest still continued when finally Alberto del Rio had enough. But he only ended in a Cesaro Swing for removing the big ladder from the middle of the ring. Also Chris Jericho was trapped in the swing for a while. But then Cesaro was taken out by Dean Ambrose who jumped from the previously removed ladder. Just watch this annoying Bayern Munich supporter who’s clearly a Cesaro fan, getting more and more furious about Dean Ambrose and allow yourself a few chuckles!

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Next were Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn continuing their private feud with a fist fight in the middle of the ring. Sami Zayn somehow got the upper hand, got the big ladder back into the middle of the ring and climbed it. But Alberto del Rio came from behind with an equally tall ladder to hit Sami Zayn with it. And now the ladder building really started off. Alberto del Rio had his problems to arrange his ladder into a horizontal place, so he needed some help from Sami Zayn. On the other side, Cesaro had no problems placing another tall ladder into the same position. Now, almost all men were standing on those ladders, and when finally Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens joined them, we got this fabulous six-men fist fight on top of those ladders.

We got a little showdown with Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens all standing on top of the ladder. And we also got to know that Cesaro and Alberto del Rio definitely wouldn’t get the briefcase, since they only played supportive acts now. The showdown was momentarily reduced to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Sami Zayn now was nearly there for a couple of times. During it Dean Ambrose took out Chris Jericho with Dirty Deeds from one of the horizontally placed ladders while Kevin Owens finally took out Sami Zayn with a powerbomb on this very ladder.

Credit: temomi on Tumblr.
Credit: temomi on Tumblr.
So, four men were out for good which made for a showdown between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose MITB And after a little fist fight on top of the ladder, Dean Ambrose grabbed Kevin Owens’ head right through the rungs, hit him against it for several times, until Kevin Owens fell back first onto the horizontally placed ladder. Now, Dean Ambrose was on his very own and he finally became Mr Money in the Bank.

For two years, he almost always worked for others, helped others to have memorable matches. He was shoved to the lower mid-card, so he wasn’t able to take away attention from others. He was called back into the main event scene when he was needed. And he always delivered without moaning, without complaining. People, who now say that he doesn’t deserve this, that never can anyone take away from him, just like to moan. They don’t have favourite wrestlers; they only watch wrestling because they like to complain on the internet or boo people, get their autograph just a minute later and then sell it on Ebay. Dean Ambrose deserves all of this, including what happened at the end of the show.

Money in the Bank, part II: Dean Ambrose is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
We only got to know one day later that Reigns had been suspended, so the clean win by Rollins made sense. If Reigns had won and Dean Ambrose had cashed in on him, there wouldn’t be an ex Shield triple threat match. Plus, Reigns would have gotten his re-match against Dean Ambrose without appearing or caring for the company for thirty days. Being beaten clean by Rollins and then having to watch his “best friend” Dean Ambrose cashing in to become champion – Ambrose and Rollins once again “stealing” his show – could make Reigns leaving for a while to re-consider himself, his character, his attitude, etc. If he doesn’t come back with new – finally his own – music, other ring gear than the Shield squad gear plus finally being a heel, WWE once again do it all wrong with the guy. But right now I’m already starting to enjoy the time without him. Only lasts for thirty days, so let’s make the best out of it.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Now, Rollins was only able to enjoy himself for around one minute until the music of Dean Ambrose hit. Like I already said numerous times before, I would have enjoyed for Dean Ambrose to hunt Rollins down with the briefcase like he did two years ago without the briefcase. But it totally made sense what Dean Ambrose said in an interview one day later about himself losing stuff all the time, also that he didn’t want to feel like a fool at every airport, carrying this briefcase around for a couple of months. He also might have run out of patience, saw the opportunity and took it. Storyline wise it really made all the sense in the world.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
I also enjoyed the cash-in because this Bayern Munich-supporter in row one was heavily annoyed by it. But he still filmed and photographed Dean Ambrose celebrating with his new won belt. This is something I won’t ever get: if I don’t like someone, I would never take a selfie with him or ask for an autograph or try to connect with him in any way, just because he’s somehow “famous”. But I also read other stories from “fans” booing at Reigns at a signing session, just to ask for an autograph later on. They’ll probably sell that on Ebay later on, trying to cash back in the money they had to pay for getting this autograph in the first place. So, in summary they got the booing for free. Aren’t human beings a strange species sometimes?

Money in the Bank, part III: When are those Dean Ambrose plates available in the shop?

Basically, it’s just a matter of days, I suppose, until we are able to get those Dean Ambrose plates from the WWE shop. They will cost $99.99 / €128,00 at the WWE Shop / WWE EuroShop respectively and are only really useful together with the replica of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, available for $429.99 / €550,00. Now, I’m no-one for buying such belts because I can’t see the use. I’m certainly no-one for carrying it around on live events. But those plates are great and fabulous memorabilia to remember the day Dean Ambrose finally achieved what he waited and worked for so long.

When they are available, I’ll certainly wait for a SAVE35 code and then I’ll see whether the shipping cost from the US combined with the plates might be somehow cheaper than ordering it from the EuroShop. Because I don’t really get the enormous price difference from there to here (as of today $99.99 converted into Euros would be €88,66). Import charges might be one reason but that’s still not reasonable for such an increase.

Epilogue: Business as usual – no, not really, because Dean Ambrose will be without this Reigns shadow by his side for a whopping thirty days

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Roman Reigns legitimately wants to bring down Dean Ambrose, right? Because when he came out, the audience booed him the loudest I ever witnessed, then he congratulated Dean Ambrose – the audience booed – and Reigns turned to them, saying that he doesn’t care what they are thinking, he just wants to congratulate “his boy”. Now, this is one part of the sour facts of being a fan of Dean Ambrose: in connecting him with Reigns, the audience will always direct a tiny amount of hate towards Ambrose. They are friends in real life? Fine, let them be. But for heaven’s sake, don’t make them buddy-buddy on screen because it just doesn’t work – except for the Ambreigns fangirls. But as for me, I don’t care for them. I’m speaking for the majority and about the feeling I get from the audience.

Well, Reigns certainly won’t disturb my enjoyment for Dean Ambrose being the WWE champ for the coming days. Because Reigns got suspended for those coming thirty days for violating the WWE’s own wellness policy. It would be interesting to know if Reigns failed the test and consequently had to lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship – which would throw a light shadow on Dean Ambrose finally becoming the champ – or if Reigns failed the test after his loss at Money in the Bank – which would make it seem that WWE came to their senses on their own.

What is clear that Dean Ambrose originally wasn’t scheduled for the Hawaii & Japan Tour, so chances are that the decision to finally make him the champ, were just another very late decision. Due to Reigns’ suspension, the internet is already flooded with jokes about it. So, you don’t like the guy but you still talk about him and joke about him? It’s this philosophy that I just don’t get. I mean, I also don’t like Reigns but if it’s not really needed, i.e. he isn’t in a storyline with Dean Ambrose, I just don’t talk about him. Instead, I talk about the stuff I like – Dean Ambrose, William Regal, NXT, Cesaro, Robbie Brookside – in this order (at the moment). If people would only care and talk about the stuff they like, the WWE – and probably the entire world – would be a whole different place.

Credit: gauna-03 on Tumblr.
Credit: gauna-03 on Tumblr.
Saying that, let’s talk about the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion; let’s talk about Dean Ambrose. Also a couple of days later, it stills feels unreal. Because I already became so used to Dean Ambrose rolling this boulder up the mountain but just couldn’t get it onto the top, that it’s still unbelievable for me that he was finally given what he so massively achieved.

The question now burning in everybody’s minds of course is, for how long the WWE is willing to make Dean Ambrose their face of the company. Will he already lose the belt at Battleground in the ex Shield triple threat match? Was he just given the belt because Reigns had to lose it because of his suspension, so WWE saw a chance to shut up Dean Ambrose fans once again? Because they can easily make Reigns a four times WWE World Heavyweight champion at Battleground and when Dean Ambrose fans start to moan about the short reign, they can say, shut up, keep quiet, you got what you wanted, and now we’re shoving your guy back to the mid-card where he belongs.

Yes, that’s always my fear. But in this case, it would be just so ridiculous, don’t you think? Just imagine the amount of hate Reigns is going to receive if this scenario actually happens. I mean, he got a suspension for possibly drugs / medics abuse (don’t tell me he had to apologize publicly on Twitter because of a health issue, that would make no sense). Some dirt sheets also already throw out “rumours” of John Cena getting the belt from Seth Rollins later this year. And while some of those said dirt sheets demanded the belt for Dean Ambrose earlier this year, the same people call the very decision now the worst in the business ever.

What exactly did change since? Or do dirt sheets just moan about anything, even though that means they have to change their opinion 180 degrees? If I can give you any advice, dear reader of this blog, please don’t give in to their click bait nonsense. Don’t click their catchy headlines, don’t read their stuff. It’s all round better for your health and your enjoyment for the wrestling and the entertainment.

Like it’s almost already good auld tradition, Dean Ambrose sat down with Michael Cole on Wednesday and talking about being the new champ. Regular readers will know that I already assumed that Michael Cole exaggerates his doubeyou doubeyou ee on purpose because he somehow knows that people get mad at it. Now, just look at the smug smirk on his face after he said it for the first time in here and tell me, he doesn’t do it on purpose!

Now, Dean Ambrose talked about his title win and what it means to him. I used to write down whole interviews but you already got the video, so I only see the need for my favourite quote from it:

“And actually, as sweet as it was, cashing in on Seth Rollins… it may have been a tad sweeter, or a different kind of sweet, like brown sugar or white sugar, you know, just a different kind of sweet, to cash in on Roman Reigns.”

It’s a nice comparison and also the way he says it. Of course, I’m not laying all my hopes in it that maybe this buddy-buddy thing on screen will be finally over. We already got a few other hints on RAW. Most certainly this is just done to make the triple threat match at Battleground a believable story between three ex friends. I’d be highly surprised if Dean Ambrose closes Battleground and still being the WWE World Heavyweight champion. It’s up to the WWE to surprise me again.


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