Dean Ambrose said he was excited to be drafted to SmackDown. But that’s not even close to my very own excitement level I was in, especially with Rollins and Reigns being on RAW. Now, Dean Ambrose has got the chance to make a name for himself and himself alone. And he started at Battleground with retaining his WWE Championship in the ex-Shield Triple Threat match. Those are my thoughts about the newest changes and results in WWE. Enjoy!

Dean Ambrose_collage

Prologue: On a very enjoyable WWE Draft with just one sour grape

Credit: WWE on Instagram.
Credit: WWE on Instagram.
There was one major priority I had for the WWE Draft: I wanted for Dean Ambrose to be finally separated from The Shield, be on his own, not working for anyone else than just himself. And it actually happened when Dean Ambrose was drafted to SmackDown Live. New logos were revealed later on and SmackDown also got the far better one in that department. Just look up the new RAW logo if you haven’t seen it so far – it’s like the Comic Sans version in logos.

But there are still a few things that I don’t like about the WWE Draft: the sour grape I mentioned in the sub-headline is Cesaro being drafted to RAW. Since I won’t watch RAW at all any more (until it’s reunited with SmackDown again), that will be a heavy loss in my entertainment. I’d have liked for Cesaro to team up with Dean Ambrose occasionally but it’s not going to happen any more, so I’ll take it. As for other tinier little things I don’t quite like:

  • JBL will be sitting at the SmackDown Live commentary table, so he’s still calling the matches for Dean Ambrose which already annoys me. On the positive side there is Corey Graves on RAW, so it wouldn’t have been much better there.
  • The Usos are on SmackDown Live and I can already see Dean Ambrose having to team up with them now and then. I hope I’m wrong; they’re really not my cup of tea.
  • Daniel Bryan as the new General Manager of SmackDown Live will bring the awful Yessing! to that show. I’m already annoyed about that, too.
  • The whole SmackDown Live roster you can find under the following links:
    Male Roster | Female Roster | Male Tag Team Roster

But before the first separated shows would take place, there was still the Triple Threat Match at Battleground plus Dean Ambrose had to defend his title at the first SmackDown Live show right before the Pay-Per-View. Before I had watched the match, I already read a few opinions about that match, claiming it was boring or far worse than the match these two had one day before at RAW which ended in a draw.

So, of course, that’s rubbish. I really liked that match even though Dean Ambrose for the majority of the match time of just more than twelve minutes had to look weak and take a lot. I definitely liked the cool finish with the Dirty Deeds basically out of nowhere and Dean Ambrose retaining. If a champion looks weak at the last show before a big Pay-Per-View match, chances are great that he will retain there as well. I was still convinced that Dean Ambrose would have to drop the belt in favour for Reigns or at least RAW but maybe the former Golden Boy to Vince McMahon finally fall out of favour.

Battleground: The Shield Triple Threat match finished in the only appropriate way

Credit: sethsthrone on Tumblr.
Credit: sethsthrone on Tumblr.
As it’s usually the case, we needed to get hyped (no reference to Mojo Rawley here!) about the Shield Triple Threat match. And one part of that was the come together between Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose backstage. I really liked the contribution and delivery of Daniel Bryan here, all serious about the qualities of Dean Ambrose and I instantly had to think back to the farewell match from the Indies Bryan Danielson had against Jon Moxley. What a path they went to come here this day!

Dean Ambrose Battleground 2016-07-24 Now, this little Gif set obviously was a tiny glimpse of fun during this segment and I enjoyed that as well. It was a good combination of seriousness and fun to make this Shield Triple Threat match one of the most important of Dean Ambrose’s career in WWE.

For quite some time now, I only watched NXT and didn’t even watch some Dean Ambrose segments. WWE expanding with a lot of stuff took its toll on me. There is just too much to chose from because you can’t watch everything. So, when overloaded with stuff, I tend to cut it entirely at some point. Saying that, the WWE Draft was a really good idea. Because it made me consider watching whole SmackDown episodes again and maybe write about them. Let’s see what comes next. But first of all, a few words about the Shield Triple Threat match.

Credit: WWE on Instagram.
Credit: WWE on Instagram.
From the very start it was obvious that Reigns would be hated unlimited. The crowd was cheering for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins but they hated more on Reigns. I wish people would get that decibels are everything for the WWE. If I like one guy, I cheer for him; I don’t boo his opponent, I just don’t care for this guy. It’s an easy concept really.

Another point that irritated me a little bit during the match was the camera work. Key spots / movements weren’t shown live because the very camera wasn’t ready on point. At times this was highly unprofessional for your so-called most important match of the year, WWE. It took away from the excitement and “entertainment” to this match.

On a side note: the managing teams from both promotions, RAW and SmackDown Live, were sitting at ringside to watch their fate, and I liked that the colour of Daniel Bryan’s sneakers matched the colour of Shane McMahon’s shirt and vice versa.

I also have to say that this was my first match I watched that included Reigns. And I still don’t get it when people say that he has improved. His only accurate move is the so-called “big right hand”. He struggles with everything else and I cringe every time he tries to sell moves or acts. To be honest, I’m more than glad that this guy is on RAW now. It was also very obvious that WWE finally gave up on selling Reigns as the good underdog guy. He was booked like that when I last saw him. But it just doesn’t work. If you see this guy, everything screams Superman and not Underdog. Reigns should be booked like Baron Corbin, not like Daniel Bryan.

So, in making Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins teaming up against Reigns during the match, draw the expected reaction from the crowd: they all around enjoyed every beating that Reigns got – and I did as well. Reigns “big right handed” and “Superman punched” himself through this match, the cameras missed a lot of his main spots and in the end, he got the Dirty Deeds from Dean Ambrose. What more of a televised degradation can a former chosen golden boy receive?

Dean Ambrose on the other side did exactly what he hyped the people in his promo before the match. He fought for his title and he brought it to SmackDown Live. After the no-sell of the buckle bomb by Reigns, when he got the cover on Rollins after a spear, Dean Ambrose was able to hit Dirty Deeds on the guy. I usually don’t like when people overdo any sort of emotion but Shane McMahon running around the ring in jubilant fashion was fun to watch. And if you look at the individual reactions from the SmackDown Live roster to Dean Ambrose’s win inside the ring, you can see who was honestly chuffed about it, especially John Cena and Becky Lynch, and who was just jealous and only out there because he was ordered to, especially Baron Corbin.

Like I already did for his previous runs as United States Champion and Intercontinental Champion, I also created a page for Dean Ambrose’s run as WWE Champion. If you’d like to have a list for his specific title defenses and the videos from his title defenses that were shown on television, go no further and enjoy.

Epilogue: SmackDown Live has got the future of the WWE

A champion, especially the WWE Champion, usually isn’t allowed to enjoy his latest victory for too long. In this short fallout backstage interview from Battleground, Dean Ambrose was still reflecting on his past with his former Shield brothers. But his future is going to be without them. And I can only repeat myself on this: I’m glad and happy about Dean Ambrose finally being on his own again. It was about time because I think that The Shield wasn’t the best thing possible that happened for Dean Ambrose in WWE. As a character and as the wrestler behind the character, Dean Ambrose has always been a singles competitor. He’s wasted in any sort of tag teaming. And him leading SmackDown Live as the WWE Champion is a huge step in the right direction.

What’s only missing now – and I’m looking forward to this – are the stories that are thrown in his way to those he’s got to work his way to make SmackDown Live into a great brand. It will be interesting who’s next for Dean Ambrose to defend his WWE Championship against. My early bets are on AJ Styles or Baron Corbin. But I don’t want to speculate much right now, since I haven’t seen much from WWE lately. So I need to get back fully in to be allowed to express a more detailed opinion.

Credit: Ringsidecollectibles
Credit: Ringsidecollectibles
On a completely unrelated note, look what’s going to be available around September / October 2016: a new action figure of William Regal! The latest he got around 2008, I think. And this one – him as Lord Steven Regal – is simply amazing. It’s an elite figure, so he’s got an extra coat and this scarf. The face scan is great as well. So, get the figure and turn it into a big selling success, so maybe there will be more amazing stuff about His Lordship.

And there will be another podcast added to my Dean Ambrose on podcasts collection. Right on my birthday, on the 8th August, Dean Ambrose will sit down with Stone Cold Steve Austin right after RAW to talk about his wrestling history and future. Can’t wait.


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