Many people aren’t satisfied with the Women’s Division in NXT right now. And I personally don’t like Liv Morgan very much. Her latest encounter with Ember Moon also didn’t last too long. And still I’ve included this match into my list of Best NXT Matches of 2017. There are a few reasons for it. And I’ve written them down here. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #232
Recorded: 05 January 2017
Aired: 25 January 2017
Match duration: 3:58 minutes

Match analysis

I enjoyed this match more than I would admit. First of all because I still don’t get why most of the women need to have their long hair running down to their mid-section. Yeah, it looks nice during high-flying moves but otherwise not really needed in a sport like this one.

Second, it was a rather short match, one you would expect people using it for a bathroom break. So, there wasn’t much storytelling, that only present because of their backstage confrontation last week. Liv Morgan wanted to show the higher-ups that there is much more competition for the NXT Women’s Championship, while Ember Moon already sees herself as Championship material.

Now, the short match was fast paced, both women showed off great athleticism and unique moves. The wrestling ability of Liv Morgan really is impressive already, even though her rolling about the ring with her opponent locked in for a small package was a little misplaced this time, too near to the ropes. But she’s still learning and getting more used to the ring dimensions.

Of course, Ember Moon won in the end because she might challenge Asuka for the title after NXT TakeOver: San Antonio. The two women who are still undefeated in NXT. That’s something to look forward to. After the match, Ember Moon and Liv Morgan were shaken their hands to close this little chapter. No real heat between those two, just healthy competition to show the others on the roster that they are lurking.

Winner: Ember Moon

There have been possibly quite a lot of people surprised about Ember Moon not being included in the NXT Women’s Championship picture so far. But I guess that’s just part of the build-up to her finally being the first woman in NXT to beat Asuka and consequently taking the belt from her.

At NXT TakeOver: San Antonio we’ll have the Fatal 4-way match between Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross and Asuka and I seriously can’t wait. Knowing that NXT creative will do this match justice in any way, we will get to see a great match. With Asuka retaining, of course. And then maybe it’s time for Ember Moon to take on the challenge and dethrone the Empress of Tomorrow.

And what next for Liv Morgan? I find her character annoying as hell. Her appearance, her talking, her music – especially her music. She’s great in the ring, at least in four-to-five minute matches. She’s unique and quite athletic. But is she able to tell a good story in longer matches? That I don’t know so far. She definitely needs a new opponent who challenges her, maybe someone like Aliyah who is also rather new on the roster. Both could be trying to climb up the ladder at the expense of the other. Intensity grows, as well as match time. A few intense backstage segments. A chance at the next NXT TakeOver special.

With the right build-up, Liv Morgan can be one of the next stars of NXT’s Women’s Division. But, please, give her other music!

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2 thoughts on “25 January 2017 | Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan

  1. I’m not sold on Liv Morgan yet. The name, the attire, the character and music… ugh it’s all so cringe-worthy. I can’t take her seriously at all. Agree about Ember Moon though. They’re slowly building her up to be Asuka’s biggest threat to date. That feud should be epic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all: cheers for your comment!

      And on Liv Morgan: I think they are trying too hard to turn her into a female Enzo Amore. Whether it’s herself or NXT creative / officials, it’s not going to work. What I’ve written about her in the article, I just tried to put nicely, you know, seeing the positives about her. And she does have some good moves and presence in the ring. But her all-around persona is cringe-worthy. Usually, I skip her entrance because I just can’t watch it.


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