Also the second encounter between two competitors of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament on NXT was an instant classic. Pete Dunne still reminds me a little too much about William Regal. But is that really bad? He definitely has got his own style, especially gimmick wise. And Mark Andrews was his worthy first victim. The video and a few thoughts about the match and further possibilities, you find under the cut. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #235
Recorded: 01 February 2017
Aired: 22 February 2017
Match duration: 10:08 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

Both men already met during the UK Championship Tournament when Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews. And the start to their second match started like the first one ended: with Pete Dunne punishing Mark Andrews. I could see William Regal vs Dean Ambrose when I saw Pete Dunne, with all the finger bending, stomping on his victim’s hands, using the ring steps for stomping as well and using various holds to wear Mark Andrews down.

There was still some high-flying action from the Welshman, especially when he made Pete Dunne leaving the ring, so he could go for a moonsault from the apron. First time he had been lucky enough to counter the counter from Pete Dunne. But second time, Pete Dunne smelled it and used the ring steps to his own advantage.

There wasn’t a big story to this match, only to introduce the two men to the NXT crowd. But the pace increased slowly towards the finish with lots of counters and near falls. For the very finish, Pete Dunne countered the Shooting Star press by Mark Andrews with making his opponent land on his shins and immediately after Pete Dunne hit the Bitter End to win the match.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Nigel McGuinness sees similarities between Pete Dunne and Daniel Bryan because of the colour of his tights. Of course, those colours were only worn by Daniel Bryan when he took them over from William Regal. While William Regal said that Pete Dunne is some kind of a young Fit Finlay. If you watch Pete Dunne, you clearly see lots of William Regal in him as well. I just hope this comparison game doesn’t end like it did with Dean Ambrose. Because also him was compared with numerous of other old-fashioned wrestlers and it didn’t do the best for him.

On the other side, Pete Dunne can become the next great bad boy of NXT, also outside the UK Championship picture. While I find Bobby Roode just annoying, I love to hate Pete Dunne. A born heel character and hopefully also used against non-UK wrestlers in NXT.

I fear a little for Mark Andrews though. He’s a very small lad who can fly and entertain. But with all the other big lads on the roster, he might get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully I’m wrong and he gets a good storyline with great matches. But knowing the WWE’s notorious foul booking for smaller wrestlers, I hope he at least stays in NXT for as long as possible. Or returns to the UK where he’s appreciated.

Worth a note: Pete Dunne lost his earplug during the match. Perhaps he should leave it out completely next time to avoid injuries to himself and his opponents.

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