It was the welcome back match for Drew McIntyre in WWE. It didn’t even last five minutes. But it felt much longer. Because Oney Lorcan was the other competitor. And Oney Lorcan is always awesome. Of course, I needed to write about this match. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #243
Recorded: 05 April 2017
Aired: 12 April 2017
Match duration: 4:21 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

Both men started slowly and circled each other like hungry wolves. But that didn’t last long because soon enough Oney Lorcan went for Drew McIntyre, only for the Scotsman to hit back and take over. But Oney Lorcan came back with a couple of European Uppercuts, leading to Drew McIntyre leaving the ring and Oney Lorcan throwing himself over the top rope onto his opponent. But then Oney Lorcan wanted too much with hitting Drew McIntyre with a jump from the top turnbuckle. He only got caught by Drew McIntyre and thrown on the apron, back first. And from there we went to the commercial break.

Back from the break, Drew McIntyre was in control but from there the match continued to be a fast forward competition. Oney Lorcan showed his usual fast movement and smoothly executed moves. Drew McIntyre on the other side was presented like a strong but still agile Scotsman when he countered the moves of his opponent. In the end it was unlucky that Oney Lorcan was cut open on his head by the hands of Drew McIntyre. Referee Drake Wuertz already put on his sterile gloves while he still had to finish the match with the three-count. And after Drew McIntyre won, Drake tried to stop the bleeding.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

For some (still slightly unknown to me) reason, I don’t like or care about Drew McIntyre too much. But for his re-debut in NXT even I knew that bagpipes at the beginning of his entrance music only could mean, yeah, it’s the Scotsman Drew McIntyre. Apparently, the NXT crowd still had no clue and only cheered of joy when his name appeared on the big screen.

Apart from that, this match gave me further reason not to like Drew McIntyre because he busted open the right temple of Oney Lorcan at the end of the match and the man was bleeding rather badly. That’s why the black/white photograph as header to this match post. This photo only was available in black/white because of the blood.

But I still liked the match, despite its shortness. But there was so much action all around inside and outside the ring that it felt much longer than barely four and a half minutes. Both men put everything into this short encounter. So, if you’re looking for a short match to enjoy and you don’t have much time: don’t go anywhere because this is your very match.

Also: did Oney Lorcan ever had a bad match? It’s not a question really. Because he didn’t have one.

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