Having another title match for the United Kingdom Championship in NXT is always exciting to me. And the newest addition to my list of Best Matches of NXT 2017 doesn’t hold back. Jack Gallagher and Tyler Bate fought a match of pure British wrestling with good psychology and story telling. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #245
Recorded: 05 April 2017
Aired: 26 April 2017
Match duration: 10:10 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

I refuse to write a long match analysis this time. Because the match itself is a whole piece of art, a painting, if you like. There are several tiny details that are worth to discover while watching. There are a lot of holds, arm bending, acts of strength, slowly build-up sequences to the next stand-off – in a few words: not worth to be ripped apart.

You can call me lazy because usually I try to write down the correct names of the moves, holds and sequences. But in this case it’s better to just watch the match and enjoy it. So, just do that: watch and enjoy!

In the end, Tyler Bate won the match to retain his UK Championship belt with his Tyler Driver 97.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Much likely, I would repeat myself a lot if I would describe what I liked about this match and why it deserved to be in my little collection of Best NXT Matches in 2017. I already stated a few things about Tyler Bate’s first title defence in NXT against his tag team partner Trent Seven. British wrestling style is just great to watch. Because it walks on the thin line of real looking competition and entertainment. There is not much high flying action; you don’t have the over-acted and over-pushed brutal character that just runs everyone over; there is no sharp babyface vs heel concept – even though you know who the good guy is and who’s the bad guy.

British wrestling is polite (mostly) and technical. The fine line is important, the tiny little details. While American wrestling or better said here: the WWE style is straight into your face. You can’t miss what you need to know. Every fool gets it. But British wrestling is a little sublime. You need to watch twice and thrice to get all those tiny details.

I have to throw in again the two matches that Dean Ambrose and William Regal had against each other because it basically was American in-your-face wrestling against British I-will-kill-you-and-you-won’t-notice wrestling at its best. Before people say that Dean Ambrose can’t wrestle (because he just isn’t booked right and has to cut most of his abilities to act after his stupid gimmick) they need to watch those two matches. Dean Ambrose is able to adapt to the British style and use it for himself.

But this isn’t about Dean Ambrose. This match is about Jack Gallagher and Tyler Bate. The United Kingdom Championship will soon get it’s own weekly show. I still hope that William Regal can be on commentary again, here and there as a special guest commentator. It would much add to the matches and the whole show. But for the British lads in WWE it’s great to have that much more TV time and hopefully a few good stories will be told.

One last thing I need to add here and this is a special match that basically worked as some sort of blueprint for the match between Jack Gallagher and Tyler Bate. I’m talking about Johnny Saint vs Robbie Brookside (1/2), one of my favourite matches ever. Nigel McGuinness mentioned Johnny Saint, and there haven’t been just shades of the man. Just watch the match I’ve mentioned. It’s great.

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