It was just a short match and it won’t appear in any collection of Best NXT Matches of 2017 but this one right here. Because I like both characters and their fighting style. Those short matches certainly are just done to introduce a few more newer women to the TV audience to prepare for the women’s tournament in Summer. But Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville still is a good encounter. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #248
Recorded: 19 April 2017
Aired: 17 May 2017
Match duration: 3:03 minutes

Match analysis

For just a three-minute bout there wasn’t much time for storytelling or match-building. But still there wasn’t just senseless clobbering. Sonya Deville got the upper hand early on, then almost toying with Lacey Evans. Sonya Deville pulled her gloves off, so she was able to hit Lacey Evans even harder. But Lacey Evans came back when arrogance took the toll of Sonya Deville. The most impressive move certainly was the back handstand into a cover by Lacey Evans on Sony Deville. In the end that wasn’t enough because Sonya Deville hit her finisher to win the match.

Winner: Sonya Deville

I instantly liked Lacey Evans when I saw her on Tough Enough. She impressed me with her promo skills and hopefully this will be something we’ll get from her very soon. She’s got a military background and that’s actually acknowledged in NXT. It’s still a good move not to make her appear as a military lady but simply an old-fashioned classy lady. I’m sick of the stereotypical girly gimmicks in WWE, so her gimmick is definitely unique and stands out.

Like the gimmick of Sonya Deville. What I mostly miss about women’s matches is the lack of real competition. There’s a stupid saying of “you hit like a girl”, meaning weak punches that look like they couldn’t hurt a fly. But for most women in NXT it’s sadly true. Not for Sonya Deville though! She’s much into martial arts fighting and you can see it.

What I missed in this short encounter was the missing announcing for her finisher. Sonya Deville was just standing in the corner, preparing for her finisher, looking a bit left and right in hope for the crowd to voice up their excitement. She definitely has to do something, whether it be just screaming or stomping or hitting the ropes with both hands – doesn’t matter. Just for the audience to know what’s coming. Just standing there in desperate hope for a reaction from the people doesn’t work. You have to give something to the people, so they can react in an expected way. But both women are in NXT to learn and I like to see more from them, definitely in the women’s tournament.

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