Oney Lorcan still has to play the victim. But he does it in his own, highly entertaining, way. On the other side, Hideo Itami’s GTS isn’t as impressive as from the guy WWE doesn’t mention by name. This match doesn’t even have a winner and still it’s part of my list of Best NXT Matches of 2017. If you like to read why, simply click on. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #251
Recorded: 25 May 2017
Aired: 07 June 2017
Match duration: (4:38) 6:38 minutes

Match analysis

Even though being a rather short match, it still got a lot of storytelling to it. For the main part, Hideo Itami was dominating, so despite his loss in his match for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago he could be sold as highly competitive. Also sold was his heel status when at the end of the match, he didn’t just hit the GTS on Oney Lorcan for the cover and the win. But he hit it thrice without covering his opponent, so Kassius Ohno had to come out to stop his former friend.

For the main part this match just looked like a squash showing. But when it was almost too late, Oney Lorcan came back with a few slaps to Hideo Itami’s body and face, finally hitting a few running European uppercuts that brought the audience to its feet. As an exclamation mark, Oney Lorcan even threw himself onto his opponent from the top turnbuckle. But soon later, Hideo Itami fooled himself back into the match, hit his GTS three times. And because he didn’t go for the cover, the referee at some point ended the match and declared it a no contest.

Winner: no contest

To be honest, I still don’t like the usage of Oney Lorcan in NXT. He puts on great matches, every time he enters the ring. And even it’s such a short match like this one, it somehow feels special. He might not have a pretty face (certainly not) and he also doesn’t own a memorable body type. But that makes his in-ring work even more special. And I wish he would be finally acknowledged for the guy he is: a great wrestler and entertainer.

I’d like to think that Oney Lorcan is much more appreciated backstage than we currently see on TV. Because in most matches he’s in he has to play the guy who needs to put over his opponent or the tough victim who makes his opponent look strong. You can also say: he’s trusted backstage to put on a great match against his overly pushed counterparts.

We’ve already seen Oney Lorcan together with William Regal being part of Indie wrestling shows and seminars for WWE hopefuls. I just hope that Oney Lorcan finally gets his own storyline and push, so he can start to make himself look strong against his opponents in the ring.

As for Hideo Itami, it looks like he just entered a storyline against Kassius Ohno, once best friend to CM Punk who liked to use Hideo Itami’s GTS as his finisher in WWE. Interesting coincidence though. NXT should make this as the nucleus to their story, because CM Punk’s GTS looked far more impressive than Hideo Itami’s does. Kassius Ohno should mention that. Should be fun.

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