Another (too) quick encounter but with a character in The Velveteen Dream whom I find rather interesting (for some strange reason). The guy formerly known as Patrick Clark finally got a gimmick and makes his first impressions to the NXT audience. And because this is what NXT initially was: being a platform for young talent, The Velveteen Dream – together with his opponent Raul Mendoza – makes it to my list of Best NXT Matches of 2017. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #252
Recorded: 25 May 2017
Aired: 14 June 2017
Match duration: 3:40 minutes

Match analysis

The quick match simply was a showcase for The Velveteen Dream. But he used it against the former Cruiserweight Classic competitor Raul Mendoza. Obviously much larger that Mendoza, The Velveteen Dream used height and weight to his advantage. There was a lot of posing in the early stages.

But when Raul Mendoza hit back, The Velveteen Dream became more serious. He threw out an (almost) Cartwheel DVD (Death Valley Driver), climbed up onto the top turnbuckle – posed again – and hit an elbow drop from up there to his opponent. That’s his finisher at the moment without a name to it so far. But it still won him the match.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

This quickly finished match surely just was one to further introduce The Velveteen Dream to the NXT audience. We’d already seen the lad, a.k.a Patrick Clark, at NXT TakeOver: Chicago but now he’s back in Orlando, Florida, to make a name for himself in front of the regular crowd.

Of course, Tyler Breeze springs to mind, as the gimmick of The Velveteen Dream is one of a show boy: glitter, purple, nice body, slightly gay behaviour and showing. But he also got a serious, competitive side to him, especially when he’s attacked and not appreciated enough.

I possibly like The Velveteen Dream because he’s simply outstanding. Patrick Clark does have a huge presence inside the ring. I also like his outfit, the great shirt and that he uses his headband to “beat up” his opponent during the match. I also like about him that he’s an allrounder. He isn’t afraid to try different things and it’s obvious to see that he put on quite a lot of work in the gym and at the wrestling training sessions.

So, I’m eager to see more of The Velveteen Dream and hope to see him in a good first feud. How about the serious Boston bruiser, the one and only Oney Lorcan? The Velveteen Dream could annoy the hell out of Oney, so the man finally just wants to beat up the Dream. I haven’t made up my mind about the outcome, where this feud could possibly lead to but I’d like to see a longer match between those two.

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