Oney Lorcan wanted revenge for the humiliation he received from Hideo Itami three weeks ago, and he got his re-match. It was hard-hitting, intense and just pure fun to watch. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #254
Recorded: 23 June 2017
Aired: 28 June 2017
Match duration: 1:20 / 3:31 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

Well prepared and ready for revenge for his humiliation at the hands of Hideo Itami three weeks ago, Oney Lorcan needed barely a second after the match started to hit his opponent with a flying European uppercut that possibly broke Hideo Itami’s nose. Before the referee called for medical help, Oney Lorcan was able to punish Hideo Itami with a few other punches and slaps. But the match was finally abandoned in order to treat Hideo Itami the proper way backstage. Oney Lorcan wasn’t happy because that wasn’t the revenge he’d been looking for.

But Hideo Itami wasn’t happy either. So he came back later and demanded for Oney Lorcan to come out, too, so the match was re-started. But now it was Hideo Itami who surprised Oney Lorcan with a fast and vicious attack to his head and soon all over his body. So, when Oney Lorcan crushed down outside the ring onto the apron, the match was interrupted by a commercial break.

After the break both counterparts worked at each others bodies with hard slaps and kicks, Oney Lorcan came back with his flying European uppercuts and the beautiful back press but he wasn’t able to get the three-count. He still wanted to keep his momentum when Oney Lorcan placed Hideo Itami in the corner to beat him up there. But the referee got fooled by Hideo Itami, Oney Lorcan was distracted, so he go kicked to his right kneecap by his opponent.

For a moment, Oney Lorcan had to re-collect himself but wasn’t given proper time by Hideo Itami. He got beat up instead but eventually overcame the GTS for a slap-fest in the centre of the ring. Hideo Itami wasn’t impressed though, just demanded more. Then Hideo Itami teased again with the GTS but Oney Lorcan was able to slip down from his shoulders again. This time his landing was a little misplaced, so his slightly injured knee gave way. Oney Lorcan didn’t want for the referee to abandon the match, so he got up again – just to get hit by the GTS this time to lose the match.

Winner: Oney Lorcan / Hideo Itami

How great Oney Lorcan is with drawing reactions from the crowd, you only have to watch this match if you don’t have any idea so far. Especially the slight head nodding just before he leaves the ring after the match was initially abandoned. Oney Lorcan, still ready to fight and don’t getting Hideo Itami leaving because of his injury, he looks to the audience, nods and immediately after the crowd chants his name.

The man is so great with the tiny gestures as well as the huge and highly aggressive looking moves in the ring, I still wonder every week why he still hasn’t got his own storyline or obvious goal in mind. Maybe, one day, NXT might use all the beat-ups and set-backs for a future storyline where Oney Lorcan – as a heel – doesn’t play to the NXT rules any more because he’s only used as cannon fodder. So he might chose to step outside, make up his own rules and at first continues to beat up people for fun. First the ones the NXT crowd loves, then the people who shouldn’t fight him because you can see in an instant that Oney Lorcan will destroy them. Then he should go to William Regal to demand real competition, so he can show him that he’s more than worthy of a title match.

Something like that. It might take a while because for some reason NXT continues to hype Bobby Roode who does nothing for me – at all. But thinking about this current scenario, I might only like Oney Lorcan to the huge amount I do because he’s treated like cannon fodder. In a future time when he might finally get what he deserves, I could easily turn to another guy who’s great but doesn’t get anything good. I’ve got a thing for underdogs who aren’t treated to their potential. But if nothing positive happens, eventually I lose interest because I can sense that all my following and hoping walks down a one way road. I don’t sense that with Oney Lorcan right now. I can smell that somehow, somewhere there will be something great for the man. But we’ll still have to be patient.


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