With this match happening, one dream I so far didn’t know I had came true. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch had a short, hard hitting encounter that was still promising in a slightly different way. Here are my thoughts. Enjoy!

Episode: NXT #257
Recorded: 23 June 2017
Aired: 19 July 2017
Match duration: 4:36 minutes

Match analysis

After his devastating loss and humiliation at the hands of Hideo Itami, Oney Lorcan was back in the ring and all up for new competition. And it came in the form of Danny Burch, another hard hitting fighter still in search for his break-out in NXT.

Obviously knowing of the similar state and style of their respective counterpart, both men trying to get the upper hand in the early stages of the match. With Danny Burch playing the slightly heelish character here, he got it with a hard punch to Oney Lorcan’s head after he used the four seconds in the ring effectively. Oney Lorcan still came back though with throwing Danny Burch hard into another corner. But Danny Burch countered and used several big moves on his opponent, finishing this sequence with a great Tower of London from the top rope.

But then Danny Burch was posing in the centre of the ring a bit, so Oney Lorcan was able to recover. He came back with a flying neckbreaker as well as a flying European uppercut – all looking and being fast and smoothly – great to watch.

After Oney Lorcan failed with his cover on Danny Burch, both men came back up standing, looking into each other’s eyes intensely while pressing head against head. A similar intense exchange of European uppercuts followed, Oney Lorcan caused Danny Burch bleeding from the nose after he hit him with hard slaps but Danny Burch finished this sequence with a great to watch lariat and a cover on Oney Lorcan after a powerbomb.

Danny Burch then went for high-flying action – or at least he wanted with him placing Oney Lorcan on top of the turnbuckle. But Oney Lorcan countered, made it back inside the ring and surprised Danny Burch with a single leg grab hold that made Danny Burch to tap out.

Oney Lorcan finally won a match again but Danny Burch wanted a re-match, possibly to show his opponent what he was really capable of. So, when Oney Lorcan offered his hand to thank his opponent for the fair match, Danny Burch took it but held it to offer another match between him and Oney Lorcan, who accepted the challenge.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

This match-up could be the start of the storyline I’ve waited for Oney Lorcan to happen in 2017. That it includes Danny Burch is even more awesome because the moment he stepped first into an NXT ring – his match against Tommaso Ciampa back in January 2016 – I instantly liked him. He didn’t make it in NXT during his first run, then went back to England to the independent scene, now came back to NXT to try again. Now Danny Burch already had a few other matches during the last weeks. But it’s obvious that NXT officials don’t see competition for the NXT Championship in him.

But maybe they see a replacement for #DIY? Whether or not Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were split because of Tommaso’s injury or because NXT / WWE has a cruel thing for destroying immensely popular tag teams, for now #DIY is no more and NXT is lacking of a popular tag team. Don’t tell me about Heavy Machinery. They are both still green and try to find their grip. They also are a comic tag team to me, no real and serious competition. They also don’t have a deep background or storyline the audience could draw in. It’s fun to watch Heavy Machinery; but getting invested emotionally? No way!

That would be different with a tag team of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Both men are similar characters: hard hitting brawlers but also technically awesome at the same time. There also wasn’t any bad blood in their first encounter. It was more like good competition. There was a feeling of a street fight in a backyard somewhere in a dirty corner of a big city. An honest fight with serious opponents who know the rules of the streets.

Danny Burch after his loss already demanded for a re-match and Oney Lorcan agreed with a steady handshake. Hopefully we will get that match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III on 19 August 2017. And after this match, that should be at least ten minutes long, both men could come to realize that fighting with the other man could be a far more successful deal than fighting against each other.

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