Football has been my first love. And I went through a lot of stages – like it’s usually the case for any kind of love. This is the main page for everything I love about football and what gets to my heart at this very period of time. Enjoy!

Roy Keane with Martin O'Neill

When I started playing football and finally ended up playing club football, there was hardly anyone with a working left foot. Basically everybody I played with only had their left foot to stand on and for running. So, I’m right handed but also saw a challenge in going for writing with my left hand. So, when it came to football, I started using both feet for scoring, crosses and tackles. I have to point out that I always loved tackles! And my crosses from the left hand side were feared when we had the perfect striker up front who was able to use them. I wasn’t that good at scoring actual goals. But every third or fourth game, I was able to decide matches.

Before I started playing football, I was a fan of the game. I went through a short period of time when I supported Manchester United in the early 1990s. From that time on, I have been a supporter and admirer of Roy Keane. And this hasn’t changed until this very day. I’m happy about the coaching partnership of him and Martin O’Neill for the Republic of Ireland. Long it may continue! Another footballer I followed through good and not so good times, was Kevin Kilbane. So, this page starts with their respective career, told by football cards. And who knows what else may be added. Just stay tuned.

Cards and Careers


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