Longer than I’m able to remember, Thomas Edward Lawrence, after the First World War and courtesy of Lowell Thomas called Lawrence of Arabia, regularly crosses my path of living. Whether it is Wadi Rumm, Azraq and Petra in Jordan that I visited or Tremadoc in Wales and the Piddle-Puddle-land in Dorset, England, or his books I read, Thomas Edward Lawrence is fascinating to me because we’ve got a lot in common and the Arab world of today could be a better place if all Western people would own his philosophy. So, spreading his word and my own experiences is the aim of this section of this little page. Enjoy!

Thomas Edward Lawrence: his writings and philosophy

  • “Twenty-seven Articles”, Arab Bulletin, 20 August 1917
    Emir Feisal ibn Husain al-Hashimi, future King of Iraq, coming into Yenbo. (Dec 2016)
    Emir Feisal ibn Husain al-Hashimi, future King of Iraq, coming into Yenbo. (Dec 2016)
    Written around one year before the First World War came to an end, T.E. Lawrence put into words what he experienced daily by working with Hejaz beduin Arabs. So, in writing down those articles, not rules!, this was some kind of manual or guidance for British commanders and soldiers who weren’t as sensible as Lawrence to treat beduin Arabs a respected way. Some points still stand to this very day and I feel like this should be a manual to everybody who’s sent to the Near East and associated with people there.

Useful Links about T.E. Lawrence

  • Entering Akaba (06 July 1917)
    Entering Akaba (06 July 1917)
    Photographs by T.E. Lawrence at the IWM
    To date (13 September 2016) there are 350 photographs made by T.E. Lawrence available from the collection of the Imperial War Museums in London, Manchester and Cambridgeshire. Lawrence used to carry a camera with him to document his time in Arabia during the First World War. And this is a useful and big enough collection. Search for specific cities, places and people to see the photographs Lawrence took from them.
  • Auda abu Tayi & Prince Feisal as painted by Augustus John for SPW.
    Auda abu Tayi & Prince Feisal as painted by Augustus John for SPW.
    T.E. Lawrence Studies
    This is a compilation of all writings of and about Thomas Edward Lawrence by Jeremy Wilson, main biographer of T.E.L. Available online are all letters (regularly updated), bulletins and other stuff written by T.E.L. There are also books published by the T.E.L. Studies, most notably the pictured two volumes edition of the so-called Oxford Text of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence’s big autobiography / fairy tale about the Arab Revolt in the First World War.
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