20 May 2017 | Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

The newest edition of Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate didn’t fail to amaze. This encounter had been even better than their first one on WWE soil in the final of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Now this was the long awaited re-match and it was another instant classic. Enjoy!
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22 February 2017 | Mark Andrews vs Pete Dunne


Also the second encounter between two competitors of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament on NXT was an instant classic. Pete Dunne still reminds me a little too much about William Regal. But is that really bad? He definitely has got his own style, especially gimmick wise. And Mark Andrews was his worthy first victim. The video and a few thoughts about the match and further possibilities, you find under the cut. Enjoy!
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15 January 2017 | Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne (UK Championship Tournament Final)


What I liked most about the entire UK Championship Tournament was the story itself that came to full conclusion in the final match. In retrospect, everything else have been strings leading towards this fabulous finish. And Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne very much lived up to the hype and intensity that was created previously. So, this is my little take not just on this very match but also on the whole tournament. Enjoy!
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