SmackDown Live 2016/10/11: Dean Ambrose gives lupins to the poor and is now called Dennis Moore

Already a few months past since I watched my last WWE show besides NXT. I was committed to actual writing work for money, so didn’t have the time. But I did make time to watch this newest edition of SmackDown Live because, come on, you can’t miss one of the rare occasions of Dean Ambrose playing the referee in WWE. I’ve got to say a few bits about that and also why I hardly enjoy WWE these days. Have fun!


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SmackDown 2016/01/21: The making of a worthy finish to the Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens feud (maybe)

Since I’ve last written about WWE / Dean Ambrose, a few interesting things happened. And because Dean Ambrose’s third on-screen Intercontinental Championship defense is lurking just around the corner, I’m sitting down to write a little recap about these interesting things, the continuing feud between Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens with my assumptions what might possibly happen at the Royal Rumble and what I hope will happen beyond. Enjoy.

Dean Ambrose_collage

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