WWE Superstar Cesaro is in town to promote the WWE Dune Bash, a wrestling extravaganza this coming April 14 and 15 in Dubai.

Dubbed the Swiss Superman for his extraordinary feats of strength, Cesaro drops by the Gulf News office for a quick but revealing interview to promote the upcoming WWE Dune Bash.

Since the April event is weeks away, we ask Cesaro his thoughts about the looming headliner this coming Fastlane on February 21. The WWE PPV features a brawl between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar. He believes Ambrose will win over Reigns and Lesnar and become No 1 contender for the championship because “he’s crazy. You can never count him out. He keeps getting up and he’s very wily as well, so he’ll find a way to win”.

Similar to his description of Ambrose, Cesaro himself is one tough customer when he enters the squared-circle. The guy is so strong that he always comes up in the discussion of pound-for-pound strongest wrestlers to ever lace their boots. He has body-slammed a 500lb giant in The Big Show and he’s tossed the monstrous Ryback into the air for his signature VEU, which stands for Very European Uppercut.

Given that picture, you can imagine Cesaro is usually the one dishing out the punishment. But when tabloid! asks him who among the Superstars gives him his roughest times in the ring, his comments provide further evidence to fan observation about several individuals who share his passion for hard-hitting action. “I pick Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and I pick Big Show” he says.

Get to know what Cesaro thinks of former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan’s early retirement and more in the video below and the transcription:

What was your best ever match?

Me versus John Cena on RAW in Chicago from last year [06 July 2015]. It was very special because it was, I think, my first, if not that my biggest, RAW main event of my career and it was like a thirty minute match and it was a re-match from the week before when I wrestled John Cena for the WWE United States Championship. And it was just something, it was just fun in front of the Chicago crowd, that was real hot.

Who are your three toughest opponents?

Alright, I’ll pick Sheamus, I’ll pick … it’s a good one to start off with … I’ll pick Daniel Bryan and … who else? I need to be careful with the third pick; this is quite a few … Sheamus, Daniel Bryan … I’ll pick Big Show.

Your take on Daniel Bryan’s early retirement?

I’m obviously very sad. I found out like everybody through Twitter that afternoon and that night at RAW. It was very sad because I’ve known Bryan for over ten years. And when I first got on the road in WWE, we traveled together for quite a while. And he’s been a good friend of mine.

Who wins the Reigns / Ambrose / Lesnar brawl at Fastlane?

That’s a very hard one to predict because it’s a, you know, a three-way obviously, uh … I pick Ambrose. He’s crazy, clearly. You just can never count him out, you know. He’s like, he always, he keeps getting up, he keeps getting up, you can never count him out. And I think he’s very wily as well, so he’ll find a way to win.

Who is your dream opponent from the Attitude Era?

Probably Stone Cold. Because I think Stone Cold is probably synonymous with the Attitude Era. And it would be a fun match.

Who are the strongest guys in the WWE besides you?

Seth Rollins is extremely strong pound-for-pound. John Cena is strong pound-for-pound. Obviously Mark Henry is the world’s strongest man. And people obviously forget that. You know, World’s Strongest Man, that’s Mark Henry. He’s ridiculously strong, like … about a year ago we went to a gym with him and he’s just like, you know, he’s … he’s older now but he’s still like deadlift eight-hundred pounds or more like it’s nothing. Like, you’ve just being, woah!, look at me, I’m lifting like ridiculous weight and he’s just, he’s still extremely strong.

Who are your top 5 wrestlers of all time?

Well, okay, let’s put it this way: I’m gonna say the five top superstars that pop in my mind right now but that’s not necessary my top five because I’d have to make lists and everything. Right now, let’s say, Owen Hart … uh, let’s say, Steiner Brothers, it’s a tag team so that’ll be two. Uh, top five, who else? This is so hard because I love so much wrestling. Who else will we pick? Let’s say, uh … man … Stone Cold – big fan when I was a kid – and let’s pick up a cruel one, Papa Shango. Just because.

By Dwynn Trazo (Text), A.K Kallouche (photo) / Gulf News / 18 February 2016


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