Episode: FCW TV #187
Recorded: 05 April 2012
Aired: 29 April 2012

“What do you have on Bronson, William Regal? Perhaps, he’s more devious and intense than you’ve ever been.”
–Byron Saxton

This little segment here doesn’t have any words spoken by neither William Regal nor Dean Ambrose. But it’s a crucial one during their feud.

Just two weeks before, Dean Ambrose defeated James Bronson, his former psychiatrist, in a tap-out match with the Regal Stretch (before, Dean Ambrose also hit the Regal Knee Trembler on his opponent). Dean Ambrose already did that before to get William Regal’s attention and right for a re-match against the man. For this match, William Regal sat on commentary but walked away when Dean Ambrose put James Bronson into the Regal Stretch.

What followed was the promo by Dean Ambrose that’s probably the best promo he ever did. To this day, Dean Ambrose had seen William Regal like the father he never really had. He thought he was like him. But with William Regal walking away instead of appearing like a proud father, Dean Ambrose came to the conclusion that William Regal was just like anybody else. The whole segment you can watch and read here.

Now, two weeks later the loss to Dean Ambrose still hurt James Bronson, so he attacked him backstage and put him into a hold. Mike Dalton (now: Tyler Breeze) and Xavier Woods came to the aid of Dean Ambrose and were able to separate the two. But before he went off, James Bronson told Dean Ambrose:

James Bronson
There are plenty more where that came from, Ambrose.

Later on, James Bronson had a match against Nick Rogers. William Regal, alongside Byron Saxton and Chris Russo, was on commentary. It didn’t take long for James Bronson to win this match by making his opponent tap out. William Regal didn’t say anything about him. But Byron Saxton did:

Byron Saxton
What do you have on Bronson, William Regal? I mean, the guy’s clearly brought the fight all over the place. He’s clearly so… perhaps, he’s more devious and intense than you’ve ever been.

While saying so, James Bronson inside the ring didn’t have enough. He put Nick Rogers back into his submission hold and made his intentions clear to William Regal by yelling at him that he wasn’t finished with Dean Ambrose. So, William Regal only could get the man when James Bronson would get him first.

That was the moment when William Regal put down his headphones and entered the ring to attack James Bronson. He eventually let go of Nick Rogers, so the man was able to roll out of the ring. And as an answer to James Bronson’s demand (and also Byron Saxton’s questioning of William Regal’s deviousness), William Regal put James Bronson into the Regal Stretch.

Garrett Dylan entered the ring to help James Bronson. And he tries so with pulling on William Regal’s luscious locks. But William Regal didn’t let go. Instead, Garrett Dylan had to when Dean Ambrose entered the ring, too, beat up Garrett Dylan and put him in the Regal Stretch, right next to William Regal. Both men’s eyes finally met, they eventually let their poor victims go and stood up for a staring contest.

William Regal then left the ring but didn’t go back on the commentary table (there was still the main event match to come) but left the arena. But before he did, he looked back to the ring, right at Dean Ambrose, probably already considering what to do next.

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