Episode: NXT #207
Recorded: 13 July 2016
Aired: 03 August 2016
Match duration: 7:50 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

Starting with their backstage interview, it didn’t look like we would get a tag team match with The Revival this night. They’re claiming that they are the best team on the planet which made TM61 stroll by to demand a match to prove it. Being the heel champions they are, The Revival say they’re making the rules, so TM61 should grab a ticket and go to the back of the line.

Now, it was for Johnny Gargano to come by with Tommaso Ciampa, ringing his imaginary bell to call for service. Because they still had beaten The Revival and already have got the #1 ticket. They kind of played out a good cop / bad cop version of wrestling when Tommaso Ciampa told Johnny Gargano that it doesn’t matter what the ticket says because The Revival won’t hand them a match, or will they? Challenged this way, The Revival now couldn’t wait to grant TM61 their match of the night before they went off. A little fooling around with imaginary tickets and bells between Gargano & Ciampa and TM61 closed this segment.

Before I start writing about the match that was the main event of this episode of NXT, I need to ask one question that I’ve got in mind every time The Revival make their entrance and that I just leave here: who thought it would be a great idea to put “We go hard all day and night…” as the first line of the very entrance song? Really. I’m not going to say any other word about it.

Scott Dawson of The Revival and Nick Miller started the match for their respective teams with trying to set a first exclamation mark to the other team. Scott Dawson seemed to be that guy when he brought Nick Miller down to the mat. But Nick Miller countered with fast paced grappling, so Scott Dawson slipped away outside the ring. When he went back inside, he first got a bit of advice from his tag team partner Dash Wilder and it seemed like it worked when he got quick advantage. But not too long when Nick Miller dragged his opponent into his team’s ring corner for a first tag to Shane Thorne.

Now he just prepared Scott Dawson for some double team action that took place when Nick Miller tagged himself back in. Both men hit Scott Dawson down to the mat back first for the first cover of the match. But Scott Dawson kicked out fast. Very soon after he had to face another double team action by TM61 with their trademark fist drop (Nick Miller) and standing moonsault (Shane Thorne) for another cover, this time by Shane Thorne on Scott Dawson. But he kicked out again.

Now, Shane Thorne went for working on Scott Dawson’s left arm to weaken his opponent. He wore him down for a couple of times, so the punishment went on for a while. But Scott Dawson was still able to finally tag in Dash Wilder, after Shane Thorne tried to avoid this action by kicking out at the man behind the ropes.

The fresh guy didn’t lose any time to go after Shane Thorne who was still down on the mat. Kicks, punches and an uppercut by Dash Wilder made Shane Thorne staggering into a corner where he was briefly tormented by slaps and kicks to his chest. Dash Wilder got what he wanted for the moment, so he tagged Scott Dawson back in.

And the punishment to Shane Thorne continued with two double team actions by The Revival and a lot of kicking and punching. But finally, Shane Thorne was able to counter an attack in the corner for three dropkicks to both of his opponents’ heads, so TM61 prepared for double team action themselves. The first try was countered but they were second time lucky with two backdrops the Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson for both men rolling out of the ring. And we went for the commercial break.

After the break, Scott Dawson was back inside the ring, working on and wearing down Shane Thorne and his left arm. A suplex by Scott Dawson ended in a bridging cover but Shane Thorne kicked out. Shane Thorne now had to play the tormented victim and The Revival’s first target still was his left arm, especially his shoulder. Dash Wilder held Shane Thorne down on the mat for quite some time, then he desperately tried to get the saving tag to his partner. But Scott Dawson met those efforts with a serious kick to Shane Thorne’s face and still found the time to mock Nick Miller.

Scott Dawson now went for the left arm of Shane Thorne again and he appeared like he wanted to tear it out of the shoulder joint. After Dash Wilder was tagged back in, the man went a little too high (literally) to meet Shane Thorne’s feet midway towards the mat. And Shane Thorne was finally able to reach out for his tag team partner Nick Miller.

And the fresh man went rampant against both opponents, backdropping them, hitting a few lariats and getting a near cover on Scott Dawson. After a spinebuster, Nick Miller got another cover, but Scott Dawson still kicked out. Shane Thorne, now recovered, was about to get tagged back in but Dash Wilder attacked the man outside the ring, so Nick Miller was a little distracted, running after Dash Wilder around the squared circle. But when Nick Miller entered the ring again, he ran right into a DDT by Scott Dawson who got the cover on Nick Miller and the win for his team.

Winner: The Revival

After the match, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder grabbed themselves some microphones to tell the world that they are the top guys in NXT. The reminded us that they just beat TM61, that they also beat The Vaudevillains and American Alpha. But of course there are still those two guys whom they haven’t beaten, whom actually beaten them.

And knowing that well too much, this was the cue for Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa to confront The Revival on that missing link in their chain of reasoning. But they chose the comedy track to further tying their demands for a title shot. They announced that they’d like to pick up all the tag teams that The Revival have beaten on their destructive path. So, first there were an imaginary bell and some tickets, now it’s notes with the name of tag teams. So, Tommaso Ciampa picked up American Alpha, The Hollywood Blondes, Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy and finally Pikachu & Charmander.

So, I’m not playing Pokemon Go and I don’t get the hype but this latest tag team still was hilarious to me. And when Tommaso Ciampa asked Johnny Gargano if he already collected them all, it was even more hilarious to know that Tommaso might have no idea what he’s talking about. But Johnny didn’t collect them all because he’s only worried about collecting the tag team championships. Which brought us back to Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano getting serious again to once again demand for their more than deserved championship match against The Revival.

And despite Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa are still the guys who beat The Revival, the champions still say that it’s just words and they’ve got the belts. So, they don’t want to argue any more. They said they wanted to leave but actually came back for a little brawl but Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano dominated it until Johnny Gargano got the pin on Dash Wilder while Tommaso Ciampa played the referee for the three-count. And afterwards they picked up the tag team championship belts to set another huge claim for an actual championship match.

Now, it won’t be a huge spoiler for most of you that we’ll indeed have this very championship match between The Revival and Ciampa & Gargano at the coming NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II show on 20 August 2016. And I seriously can’t wait. I also can see Ciampa & Gargano taking those belts, since both guys now have got permanent deals with NXT. We also already had a few storylines with guys, girls or tag teams needing a long road to final glory. NXT needs and is variation, so why not having a tag team winning the respective championship at their first shot?

First, I only knew the name of Tommaso Ciampa and a few pictures and videos on YouTube. But as soon as he and Johnny Gargano arrived in NXT, I instantly liked them. And I grew into enjoying them more and more. It’s the variation in both of their styles, their individual qualities; I like both of them in singles matches, I enjoy both of them when they are in a tag team; I enjoy witnessing their bond and brotherhood. So, all of this was the perfect setting for their singles match against each other at the Cruiserweight Classic, aired in episode #4, right after this very last segment of NXT.

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