Episode: NXT #212
Recorded: 25 August 2016
Aired: 07 September 2016
Match duration: 7:57 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

The match started off with Shane Thore of TM61 and Tony Nese going against each other inside the ring. For some reason, the NXT crowd shouted some stupid things around that I found highly annoying as well as disrespectful to all four competitors of this tag team match.

Shane Thorne tried to wear down Tony Nese that was followed by a little fist fight. Tony Nese was able to show off his athleticism right from the start when he countered a diagonal ring run by Shane Thorne plus getting back up from the mat pretty fast. That resulted in Shane Thorne getting a lot of slaps and kicks to his body, finally going down back first. And Tony Nese got the first cover of the match. But Shane Thorne kicked out.

And Shane Thorne recovered very fast with a nice dropkick to Tony Nese’s head. Following his trademark pose to take in the crowd’s reaction, both men tagged in their respective partners, Nick Miller and Ariya Daivari. Both men wrestled for the upper hand but neither appeared stronger first. Then Ariya Daivari earned himself some heelish reactions when he slapped Nick Miller in the face. That also got Nick Miller into heat mode when he elbowed Ariya Daivari a few times. But the man got Nick Miller with a high boot to the face, followed by a chest slap. But finally Nick Miller was able to elbow Ariya Daivari down to the mat. Ariya Daivaro countered with a jawbreaker and shoved Nick Miller into his team’s corner.

Ariya Daivari tagged in Tony Nese and both men tried to go for some double action against Nick Miller. But the man sensed it and shoved Ariya Daivari out of the ring. But Tony Nese got Nick Miller with a dropkick that was strong enough for Nick Miller to end up outside the ring as well. And Tony Nese followed with screwing himself over the top rope onto both men. Shane Thorne probably felt a little alone, so he went inside the ring to flip over the top rope, too, with the only difference him now landing on three other men.

Nick Miller recovered rather quickly from that action sequence, shoved Tony Nese back inside the ring for a cover. But Tony Nese kicked out. Shane Thorne was tagged in and we got TM61’s trademark double team action with Nick Miller hitting Tony Nese with a backdrop, followed by Shane Thorne coming into the ring over the top rope with a senton on Tony Nese shortly afterwards. But Tony Nese kicked out of the following cover once again.

Afterwards, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari played the heel card with Tony Nese trying to push Shane Thorne into the corner of his team while gesturing to Ariya Daivari to come into the ring. Both the referee and Shane Thorne were distracted, so Tony Nese was able to place a strong hand into Shane Thorne’s face. Now Ariya Daivari was tagged in but before he actually went inside, Ariya Daivaro kicked Shane Thorne into his face from the apron. And Shane Thorne kicked out of the following cover.

Now, Shane Thorne really got punished, slapped and kicked around, first by Ariya Daivari, shortly after by Tony Nese again. Shane Thorne was placed on the top rope to eat the running knee by Tony Nese and barely survived a near cover. Ariya Daivari was tagged in again and hit Shane Thorne with two enthusiastic elbow drops. But Shane Thorne kicked out of yet another cover. Ariya Daivari tried to wear down Shane Thorne with a chokeslam while Shane Thorne tried to reach for Nick Miller. But he was pushed back into the middle of the ring while Ariya Daivari smacktalked to Nick Miller. The referee had to end a little verbal argument between those two. But that time was enough for Shane Thorne to recover. And when Ariya Daivari turned to him again, Shane Thorne hit him with an impressive European uppercut.

But that wasn’t enough to change momentum. Shane Thorne was drawn back into the corner of Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari, the latter tagged in Tony Nese and the man landed another elbow drop into Shane Thorne’s face. A little dominant and slower punishment followed and we got the commercial break.

After the break, Shane Thorne was still being punished but now by Ariya Daivari. Somehow Shane Thorne was able to get a tag to Nick Miller and the man now ran rampant against Tony Nese. A slap and kick fest in the middle of the ring was finished by a powerful lariat by Nick Miller, followed by a flying forearm. Tony Nese kicked out of the following cover.

Shane Thorne was tagged back in for two uppercuts to Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari respectively that culminated into double team action and a cover by Shane Thorne on Tony Nese but Ariya Daivari broke the three-count. Both legal men tried a few seconds on the mat to recover and then Tony Nese fooled Shane Thorne impressively to tag in Ariya Daivari again. Shane Thorne got a superkick by Ariya Daivari into the face while hanging on one shoulder of Tony Nese. That followed by a sitout slam by Tony Nese and finally a frog splash by Ariya Daivari from the top rope into another cover on Shane Thorne. And this time Nick Miller had to save his partner by breaking the three-count.

Then Nick Miller threw Tony Nese out of the ring over the top rope. But he followed shortly after courtesy of Ariya Daivari. The man then went for the cheap cover on Shane Thorne but the Australian wasn’t up for that. Instead Shane Thorne hit Ariya Daivari with a huge lariat and tagged Nick Miller in for their finishing move Thunder Valley to end this match victorious.

Winner: TM61

From the moment Matt Riddle got my attention when he was standing in the ring at EVOLVE 54 on 23 January 2016 together with William Regal, I wanted for the boy to come to NXT. This show still is the only wrestling show I watch regularly, so I wanted to watch him there compete plus some interaction with the General Manager. In the recent past, WWE / NXT got a lot of talent that competed at EVOLVE, so I was more and more surprised that Matt Riddle wasn’t part of this group. Until I got to know that the boy has got a past with marijuana. He also is an outspoken pro marijuana activist and that doesn’t meet the WWE wellness policy. Which is rather ridiculous, given that other, much harder drugs like alcohol and tobacco are regularly used by WWE officials and talent. (Not to speak of anabolic steroids, other steroids or testosterone – but apparently they’re not using such any more)

Now, since I’m straight edge, I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs in any shape or form. I don’t even take the pills I should take because of my light form of epilepsy. But I researched a bit about marijuana and found out that it doesn’t do the evil stuff that alcohol or tobacco does to your body. Actually, marijuana has got the ability to calm people and take away pain. So, it’s quite useful for people with illnesses like any sort of cancer or else that comes with pain. So, why isn’t marijuana legalized yet? Because there are a lot of money making pharmacy companies who want to sell their addictive pills with a lot of side effects. They certainly don’t want for people to grow their own marijuana in their own gardens or balconies for free.

Why did I write this? Because Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari are just two of those Indie guys who were given a chance at the Cruiserweight Classic and now appear in NXT to test themselves, prove to WWE / NXT officials and maybe ear themselves a professional contract. Matt Riddle would have been a surefire competitor in the CWC if he wasn’t connected to the pro marijuana movement. And this is simply ridiculous.

Now for Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari, I like the edges that Ariya Daivari already shows. Him and Tony Nese weren’t evil heels here, especially not Tony Nese but they were both good competitors for a nice little match with some emotions, mostly shown by and directed at Shane Thorne. All four men got enough time inside the ring to shine, even though Nick Miller had to be told at the end by Shane Thorne that he got the winning cover on Ariya Daivari. I’d like to see Ariya Daivari as a singles heel competitor again. But Tony Nese is nothing really special to me. He worked well in this tag team match but didn’t draw enough emotion to impress me. Let’s see where both Indie guys go from here.

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