Episode: NXT #179
Recorded: 07 January 2016
Aired: 13 January 2016
Duration: 3:42 minutes

Match analysis

Good matches don’t always need to last for more than ten minutes. If you’ve got two working characters, there can actually be some kind of story been told, even within just under four minutes. But watching Danny Burch go against Tommaso Ciampa felt longer than it was because of the non-stop action, great moves, a few comedy elements and an exciting finish.

First of all – and maybe the main reason why I loved this match – I like both guys and their specific gimmicks. On one side we have Danny Burch, the English pub brawler (who also looks like a stereotypical hooligan), on the other side Tommaso Ciampa, the Sicilian psychopath. Both hard hitting men with that extra edge of craziness that makes a match fast and furious, so to speak.

In the first few seconds of the match we saw a lot of arm work. Both men tried to bring the other down to the mat. And Tommaso Ciampa finally succeeded, bending the fingers of Danny Burch and trying for a pin. But then Ciampa just went for a nasty arm stomp and Burch needed a moment to get up again. Burch then showed a good missile dropkick to get himself a few more moments of recollection. He then punished Ciampa with a few stomps and went for a choke hold to wear Ciampa down. Burch now enjoyed himself and mocked Ciampa until the latter came back with a few vicious slaps. Ciampa then showed a great DDT, face first with Burch’s feet on the top rope. Burch hit back with a nice kick to the face and a hard punch.

Burch now tried to hold on the ropes for two times until both men went back to hit each other with hard slaps to the chest and face and knee kicks in the middle of the ring. Ciampa then pulled off his elbow pad to announce the finish of this match. Burch is able to counter the initial attack but then Ciampa went for a bridging arm bar to which Burch had to tap (please notice the guy in the audience, lip-syncing “oh my god” to that move – basically my reaction when I watched it first time).

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Like I said before, this match was a very short one. I hope these two will have another longer match in the future. Danny Burch could be a bit more aggressive, a bit more on the edge. Hopefully we will see him more in 2016. He certainly isn’t a future WWE Champion but if he works a bit more to his gimmick, he could be at least one of the top guys in NXT.

What I also liked about this very match was that Ciampa’s trunks kind of mirrored the black / white pattern of Burch’s sweatpants. Plus: Danny Burch wears the wrestling boots of Dean Ambrose.

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