Episode: CWC #10
Aired (live): 14 September 2016
Match duration: 9:49 minutes

Match analysis

Tommaso Ciampa and Cedric Alexander started the match of and they danced around each other for a few seconds before they grabbed the other to try and go for a first test of strength. Tommaso Ciampa had to go down on his back first, followed by a lot of fast paced teasing and avoiding to get hit by certain moves by both men until Tommaso Ciampa got hold of the top rope, so Cedric Alexander landed hard on the mat from a non connecting drop kick. But then Tommaso Ciampa tried to go for offence himself, just to run right into another drop kick by Cedric Alexander.

Hit hard, Tommaso Ciampa rolled out of the ring and tagged in Johnny Gargano to give himself time to recover. And Cedric Alexander tagged in Noam Dar for the young man from Scotland with Israeli heritage to give his first impression in this match. But first, Johnny Gargano got the upper hand – literally – with a hard slap to Noam Dar’s chest that brought the young man down to the mat.

But Noam Dar reversed from the mat and brought Johnny Gargano down with great foot work. Johnny Gargano was able to roll out of the toe hold, tried to counter but Noam Dar got hold of Johnny Gargano again with a knee bar into a one count.

With momentum from the ropes Johnny Gargano now brought down Noam Dar and rolled him into a crucifix for a two-count. Johnny Gargano then tried to get the upper hand but Noam Dar was able to counter every time until Johnny Gargano hit him with a vicious knee to his chin. Noam Dar needed to stay down on the mat for a few seconds to recover after that. So, Johnny Gargano pulled him back up by his hair and dragged him into his team’s ring corner. And Tommaso Ciampa was tagged in.

Johnny Gargano had placed Noam Dar perfectly on the mat for Tommaso Ciampa taking over with a side-headlock. And while Noam Dar slowly getting up again, commentator Mauro Ranallo provided us with the information that Tommaso Ciampa was trained by Killer Kowalski. Noam Dar tried to free himself with fist strikes to Tommaso Ciampa’s chest but the latter countered with his right knee to Noam Dar’s head. But just seconds later, the younger man countered with an underhooked leg side-bodyslam on Tommaso Ciampa and then tagged in Cedric Alexander.

And the fresher man first avoided a vicious fist attack by Tommaso Ciampa and used his momentum from his ring entrance over the top rope to kick Johnny Gargano off the apron. And this momentum was even enough to bring Tommaso Ciampa down on the mat for several times. A roundhouse kick by Cedric Alexander to the head of Tommaso Ciampa made Ciampa roll out of the ring, just to get hit by a flying Cedric Alexander from over the top rope.

Tommaso Ciampa appeared to be a little dazed by now but Cedric Alexander didn’t have enough. He brought Tommaso Ciampa back inside the squared circle. Through the ropes into the ring Cedric Alexander hit Tommaso Ciampa with a flatliner for a following two-count. Tommaso Ciampa broke the count by grabbing the bottom rope.

Now it was Cedric Alexander who used the headlock and the chestlock to try to wear Tommaso Ciampa down. But the latter was able to get up again and finally free himself from his opponent with his vicious elbow to Cedric Alexander’s chin. And after a basement dropkick to Cedric Alexander’s head, Tommaso Ciampa was able to tag in Johnny Gargano.

And the man created momentum with jumping into the ring over the top rope, bringing Cedric Alexander down to the mat with two arm strikes two times. And an enormous over head belly to belly by Johnny Gargano hit Cedric Alexander that hard that he needed to roll out of the ring. Noam Dar stepped in without being tagged in, perhaps to demonstrate that his team still is strong. He uses the full length of the ring to go for Johnny Gargano but he stepped out of the way and also gave Noam Dar a slap to his back. So Noam Dar had to leave the ring but was able to hold on the ropes.

Now Tommaso Ciampa came at Noam Dar from outside the ring to take the young man up on his shoulders after a scissor kick by Johnny Gargano met with Noam Dar’s head. Johnny Gargano jumped over the top rope outside on the apron, positioned himself and superkicked Noam Dar to the head. That resulted in Noam Dar going down near the apron, as well as Tommaso Ciampa.

Meanwhile Cedric Alexander got himself rested again and he kicked Johnny Gargano to the other two lads. Cedric Alexander then was about to follow but Johnny Gargano came back into the ring with a spear to Cedric Alexander through the ropes. Johnny Gargano got the following pin but only a two-count.

After a little rest and consideration of what to do next, Johnny Gargano shoved Cedric Alexander into a ring corner and handed him a hard slap to the chest. Then Cedric Alexander was sat on top of the ring corner and Johnny Gargano attempted to get him onto his shoulders. But Cedric Alexander countered with a great Michinoku driver that also earned him a two-count.

Cedric Alexander tagged in Noam Dar for double team action. Both men prepared Johnny Gargano by throwing him into the ropes. But the man got a hold on them to interrupt their idea. Cedric Alexander went for Johnny Gargano but he took the ropes down and Cedric Alexander went outside the ring. And Johnny Gargano also avoided the following attack by Noam Dar by rolling to his team’s ring corner to tag in Tommaso Ciampa.

His first action was to keep Cedric Alexander outside the ring with a high knee strike. But his momentum was cut short when Noam Dar hit his leg, so Tommaso Ciampa stumbled into a ring corner where he was kicked hard into his back by Noam Dar. And the young man got another two-count.

Tommaso Ciampa freed himself and tried to recover on the opposite ropes and when Noam Dar went for him, Tommaso Ciampa indeed was back at full speed with his right knee again when he hit Noam Dar several times into his chest, then slaps to his head and a final high knee to his head. He also threw his elbow pad at Noam Dar to prepare for his finisher but there was Cedric Alexander again, climbing onto a ring corner and hit Tommaso Ciampa with a lariat / springboard combination.

Johnny Gargano entered the ring to help his partner, went for Cedric Alexander but ran into a kick by Noam Dar. But Johnny Gargano countered immediately with a step-up enzeguri to Noam Dar’s head. But a high knee by Cedric Alexander to his head took out Johnny Gargano for some time now.

Tommaso Ciampa was back on his feet and hit Cedric Alexander with a huge lariat for all four men now lying on the mat. The crowd did the awful Yessing at this point while all four men got quite some time to recover. But the Yessing was soon replaced by a “This is awesome” chant which was good. Tommaso Ciampa and Cedric Alexander had been the legal men and they both finally tagged in their respective partners.

Johnny Gargano and Noam Dar both went for a lariat that continued with a little fist fight in the middle of the ring. That was ended by a kick by Noam Dar to Johnny Gargano’s leg, followed by two European Uppercuts. But Noam Dar appeared to be a little cocky and super proud of himself, so he was hit from behind by Johnny Gargano. Noam Dar was shoved into the ropes by Johnny Gargano but Noam Dar was able to use this momentum for a kick to Tommaso Ciampa’s legs, so the went went to the floor. Johnny Gargano tried to use the slight distraction but Noam Dar was fast with putting Johnny Gargano into an ankle lock and a knee bar with knee strikes adding to the pain. Now Tommaso Ciampa was back inside the ring for breaking the hold to avoid the tap-out.

Tommaso Ciampa then continued with his stomps to Noam Dar’s head as long as the referee allowed it. And when Johnny Gargano made it back into their corner, Tommaso Ciampa was tagged back in. He grabbed Noam Dar and slapped him hard into his chest, then put him up onto the ring corner. Another chest slap followed and Tommaso Ciampa climbed onto the middle ropes to get Noam Dar up to go for a superplex. But Noam Dar countered and soon had Tommaso Ciampa in position to bring him back down on the mat the hard way. Tommaso Ciampa tried to avoid it with hard fists to Noam Dar’s face and it seemed to work, at least for a second. Because very quickly Noam Dar trapped Tommaso Ciampa’s head in between the turnbuckle and his own body.

Johnny Gargano was standing on the apron so somehow help his partner, so Noam Dar kicked him off the apron first, then ran back and tagged in Cedric Alexander. Noam Dar then used his momentum to suicide dive into Johnny Gargano while Cedric Alexander superkicked himself into Tommaso Ciampa’s head. A brain buster by Cedric Alexander to Tommaso Ciampa in the middle of the ring followed and resulted in a two-count. A following spinning wheel to Tommaso Ciampa’s head ended with Tommaso Ciampa just barely surviving the pin. And Cedric Alexander couldn’t believe it wasn’t a three-count.

Cedric Alexander now tagged Noam Dar in for double team action when Noam Dar shoved Cedric Alexander into Tommaso Ciampa who was standing in the ring corner. But Tommaso Ciampa was able to throw Cedric Alexander over the top rope outside the ring and also Noam Dar missed his own attack. Tommaso Ciampa tagged in Johnny Gargano and the fresh man hit Noam Dar hard with a superkick. Cedric Alexander was about to save the situation with coming back into the ring from the top ring corner. But he was caught by both, Johnny Gargano’s and Tommaso Ciampa’s kicks.

Now, Johnny Gargano got Noam Dar up on one of his shoulders and shoved him head first into the turnbuckle. Tagging Tommaso Ciampa back in, team #DIY was ready for their finisher and they did to Noam Dar with Johnny Gargano’s kick and Tommaso Ciampa’s knee to the man’s head. And Tommaso Ciampa being the legal man finally getting the three-coubt for the win.

Winner: #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa)

This match took place at the final CWC show and right before the very final to grant the finalists Gran Metalik and TJ Perkins (the victor of the tournament later on) a bit more rest. Both men had an exhausting semi-final to fight, so this tag team match was added.

But it also took place to further deepen and continue the ongoing feud between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa (now called #DIY) and The Revival. Both teams will collide in the second round of the 2nd Annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and in their promo before the match against Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa made it clear that the Tag Team Championship is still their priority.

So, to earn another opportunity, they’ll probably beat The Revival in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, just to lose in the next round (probably due to distraction / interference by The Revival), so the Tag Team Championship match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto on 19 November 2016 can be fixed. And this time, #DIY will win. It has to happen this way. Because NXT is full of logic plus they not just listen to the fans; they also give them and the very wrestlers what they deserve.

So, this very match happened to make #DIY appear like a very strong tag team and an actual threat to the NXT Tag Team Champions. The match itself wasn’t much about telling a story but it still deserves being in this little collection. Because it had great athleticism, good moves and fast paced action. It also had #DIY and that’s one of the most important reasons for me at the moment.

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