Episode: NXT #188
Recorded: 27 January 2016
Aired: 16 March 2016
Duration: 6:52 minutes (plus one commercial break)

Match analysis

This match already took place in late January, and it was for the no.1 contendership for the NXT Tag Team Championship at the NXT special TakeOver: Dallas on 1 April 2016, two days before WrestleMania 32. It was only shown two weeks before that special event and certainly a match I was looking forward to. Currently my two favourite tag teams are going two-on-two, so I had both sides to cheer for and enjoy at the same time. Maybe this match wasn’t really one for blowing the roof off but it had a good finish, some good moves and a deserved winner.

The match started with Chad Gable and Simon Gotch doing some fabulous mat wrestling, fast forward grabbling to perfection. A real joy to watch. Simon Gotch then got a slight upper hand and the tag to Aiden English. But Chad Gable got the tag to Jason Jordan as well. The faces cleared the ring in perfect teamwork and there – unfortunately – the match was interrupted with a commercial break.

We came back to Chad Gable vs Simon Gotch again, and this time The Vaudevillains did a good job with wearing down Chad Gable. Especially it was now for Aiden English to get Chad Gable into a few holds to press the air out of him. The sole concern for Chad Gable, though, was to get the hot tag to his partner Jason Jordan. And finally Chad Gable was able to throw Simon Gotch into the ropes, the tag was done, and it was now Jason Jordan against Aiden English.

Jason Jordan, of course, was his natural hurricane self that blew off both, Aiden English and Simon Gotch, with a few nice drop kicks and suplexes. Then the straps came down and we awaited the usual finish. It was a nice surprise that it didn’t come because Simon Gotch interfered with pulling Jason Jordan out of the ring. But that didn’t really save Aiden English. Because now he had to suffer one of the greatest suplexes I’ve ever seen. Aiden English missed with a centon and that was when Chad Gable pulled off his suplex into a bridge – simply fantastic.

Simon Gotch came back again for the break but soon enough Jason Jordan took the man out outside the ring and made it back inside for the finish on Aiden English, the win and the place as no.1 contender for the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT TakeOver: Dallas against The Revival.

Winner: American Alpha

I really waited for this match a long time already. Ever since the tag team of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan as “American Alpha” have formed and instantly grew on me every time I saw them. The Vaudevillains still aren’t entirely heel again because they didn’t do quite heelish stuff since they came back with the “changed attitude”. With their old-fashioned look and their unique style in the ring, they are still too likable to me. At least, chivalry might be a thing of the past, because Simon Gotch doesn’t bend the ropes any more to help Aiden English entering the ring. They should get a girl perhaps that they treat like property. That would get them some heat.

It’s quite inevitable to assume that American Alpha will get the NXT Tag Team Championship from Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson a.k.a The Revival at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. And so it should be. I still can’t find anything interesting about The Revival while it was the complete opposite when I first saw Chad Gable tag teaming with Jason Jordan. They actually had a storyline going on with them growing into and becoming this tag team that was interesting and entertaining on its own. Both of them really found each other to create the most interesting and enjoyable tag team in NXT and WWE right now – at least for me. And I usually don’t really like tag teams.

But American Alpha and The Vaudevillains are different because they are unique in the ring, their wrestling abilities are fantastic and their characters work to perfection. They are simply fun to watch. All four of them.

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