Episode: NXT #205
Recorded: 24 June 2016
Aired: 20 July 2016
Duration: 6:36 minutes (plus 3:25 minutes of prelude)

Match analysis

After Paul Ellering got his wish / demand granted by NXT General Manager William Regal, The Authors of Pain a.k.a A.O.P. were about to have their first match in NXT against American Alpha. But apparently they couldn’t wait any longer. So they cut the entrance of their opponents short to beat them down from behind on the ramp. And while referees were attending Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, The Authors of Pain, Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, were standing tall in the ring together with Paul Ellering, and we’re heading to a commercial break to calm down a little bit.

After the break we saw William Regal out there as well as he wanted to know if Jason Jordan and Chad Gable were okay and still able to have their match. Now Chad Gable was the driving force who of course wanted to fight and have revenge for the sneak attack. So, both men ran to the ring for a little brawl with A.O.P. Paul Ellering had a microphone in hand before but he didn’t say anything. So, we’re still waiting for the first promo about the new driving force in NXT by their manager Paul Ellering.

American Alpha cleared the ring, the match official tried to restore order and when he thought the situation was vaguely in control, the match started with Jason Jordan against Sunny Dhinsa. Very fast, Jason Jordan dragged Sunny Dhinsa in their own corner for a little beat down in a fast tagging game with Chad Gable. A double suplex ended in a bridged cover by Chad Gable but Sunny Dhinsa broke it at one.

The power of Sunny Dhinsa now dragged Chad Gable in the corner of the A.O.P. for Dzim Selmani tagging himself in for powerful double team action against Chad Gable. After a little stomping game in the corner, it was for Sunny Dhinsa again to try wearing Chad Gable down in the middle of the ring. Chad Gable desperately tried to get to his partner Jason Jordan but instead he was unceremoniously shoved back into the corner of the A.O.P.

Dzim Selmani now tried to finish what Sunny Dhinsa started: destroying Chad Gable. But Sunny Dhinsa probably wanted to play around with the prey even longer. But this time Chad Gable was able to escape the punishment to tag in Jason Jordan.

On his own now but fresh because of the long wait, Jason Jordan ran rampant, first against Sunny Dhinsa, then against Dzim Selmani. The straps were coming down for his next suplex attack on Sunny Dhinsa but the man kicked out of the following cover at one again. Also the coming attack by Jason Jordan went wrong when he landed front first on the top rope. But now Chad Gable was back inside the ring, fully recovered by the previous attack as it seemed. And he went forcefully after Sunny Dhinsa, even hitting the big man with an impressive suplex.

But Chad Gable needed some time to recover from that move, giving Sunny Dhinsa enough time to recover himself. Chad Gable going for a crossbody only made Sunny Dhinsa catching him. And Dzim Selmani joined his partner in the ring to set up their finisher. But Jason Jordan was able to drag Dzim Selmani out of the ring. Dzim Selmani was able to beat Jason Jordan down easily. But inside the ring Chad Gable had freed himself and now went for an ankle lock on Sunny Dhinsa. But this time Dzim Selmani dragged his partner outside the ring and Jason Jordan went flying over the top rope to take them out both.

After Chad Gable had recovered, he was about to join the other men with a suicide dive through the ropes but Sunny Dhinsa caught him midway and hit him against the apron. Jason Jordan was about to spear Sunny Dhinsa but the man avoided the attack and Jason Jordan went against the steel steps instead.

So, with Jason Jordan out, Sunny Dhinsa rolled Chad Gable back inside the ring. This time Sunny Dhinsa and Dzim Selmani were able to hit their finisher for the win.

Winner: The Authors of Pain

While this was the first match for The Authors of Pain, it was also the last match for American Alpha in NXT. They’re going to join the SmackDown roster after Battleground and I’m glad about it, because I’ll be able to watch them there while I won’t watch RAW.

What I like about the A.O.P. is that they are quite verbal during the match. You don’t understand what they’re saying since at least Dzim Selmani is speaking Albanian, I think. I’m not sure in which language Sunny Dhinsa is talking. But it doesn’t matter because it’s still intimidating. Their sizes are impressive. And I also like the calm and arrogant presence of their manager Paul Ellering. I’m still looking forward to his first official in-ring promo about his fighting unit.

It probably wasn’t a nice sending-off for American Alpha but storytelling wise it was good. The new boys in town shoved the favourites of the company deep down from their thrown to make it clear they got the message: your time is over; this is our house now. With Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano challenging The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championship, we’ve got another two great teams.

So, NXT more and more becoming the show with the great tag teams. With a lot of female wrestlers promoted to RAW / SmackDown and with a lot of new female wrestlers in NXT, this would be the right time and place to create an NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship. It would be a great learning experience for the women in NXT as well. At live shows, NXT are already doing women’s or even mixed tag matches. So, maybe they’re thinking about it. Seeing it unfold on television would be even better.

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