Episode: NXT #201
Recorded: 09 June 2016
Aired: 22 June 2016
Duration: 5:57 minutes

Match analysis

Right from the start, Oney Lorcan showed off a very aggressive brawler side, going for Tye Dillinger who was a little surprised about his opponent’s fearless attitude. First, Oney Lorcan made Tye Dillinger back himself into a corner, protecting himself. And just a little later on, Oney Lorcan got Tye Dillinger in a choke-hold to wear him down in the centre of the ring. Very strong start by Oney Lorcan.

Tye Dillinger still came up with his Ten gesture when he managed to shove Oney Lorcan to the canvas and the crowd responded with the Ten Chant. Very soon later, Oney Lorcan was back to control Tye Dillinger, now down on the mat. Tom Phillips on commentary stated that Oney Lorcan in his second ever match had apparently broken his collar bone, his nose and his jaw and still won the match. So, he’s the ultimate fighter who’s got no real problem with the so-called Perfect Ten, who might be a Perfect Ten in something but maybe not at wrestling.

After Oney Lorcan brought Tye Dillinger down on the mat for two times in quick succession, he now mocked the Perfect Ten gimmick of his opponent, and the crowd booed him. Tye Dillinger had to recollect himself, then went for Oney Lorcan but he countered with a hip toss, and all of a sudden Tye Dillinger was back being held down by Oney Lorcan on the mat.

Finally, Tye Dillinger was able to land a surprising kick to Oney Lorcan’s chin. But just when he thought he could gain some momentum, he got the elbow from Oney Lorcan into his face. Then Oney Lorcan continued to evade Tye Dillinger’s desperate tries to get into this match until Oney Lorcan set an impressive exclamation mark with a down flying European uppercut. Because of the impact, Tye Dillinger was very close to the ropes, so the referee broke up the pin count. And Tye Dillinger was able to move out of the ring to recollect himself.

When Tye Dillinger came back in, he finally found his aggressive side, now kicking and punching Oney Lorcan into a corner, then whipping him into the opposite corner. Back in the centre of the ring, Tye Dillinger then kicked the hands of Oney Lorcan, now punishing the nobody who had make him look like at least a Three before. But Tye Dillinger wasn’t focused on his opponent; he was focused on the crowd. He wanted to show them that he really is a perfect Ten. So, he just toyed with Oney Lorcan now, clearly didn’t see his powerful lariat coming.

And Oney Lorcan was fired up now and celebrated that with a European uppercut fest to Tye Dillinger’s head. But the third attempt was broken up by Tye Dillinger who landed a superkick to Oney Lorcan’s face. But the man kicked out at two. Tye Dillinger couldn’t believe it and did the cover again. But Oney Lorcan kicked out here as well.

Tye Dillinger was clearly frustrated and had to make up another plan for his opponent. So, he shoved Oney Lorcan into a corner, climbed the ropes and went for powerful punches to the man’s head. But he hesitated with the third one, waiting for the crowd’s reaction. And this was Oney Lorcan’s chance. He used the distraction to shove Tye Dillinger back, went for a flying neckbreaker on Tye Dillinger and got the pin.

Winner: Oney Lorcan

My choice of including this match to my little collection of Best Matches of NXT in 2016 might surprise some of you. But as per usual, I’m going to explain my decision, of course.

And this might be a good example of taking you with me on the road of my thinking process during watching a match that is just a little different. There are just some tiny details that always get me curious about something. It’s always stuff that is done differently to the common and basic first match of a show or a five-minute mid-card match around the middle of a show, hidden in between two commercials.

This time it was like this. The match was the opener of the show and out to his music came Tye Dillinger. I hadn’t read the spoilers this time and I was already wondering against which opponent he would have to lose today. Then I’d noticed that his opponent was already standing inside the ring. And I assumed that NXT would give Tye Dillinger a win to make up for having to lose against the newcomer Andrade “Cien” Almas for two times.

But then something interesting happened because Dillinger’s opponent was actually introduced to the crowd as Oney Lorcan. When some developmental NXT talent is already in the ring when his already known / popular opponent comes out to his music, this nobody is usually squashed. He’s just used as a jobber, and we probably won’t see him again for the next five or six shows. Those guys use to have their name printed on their pants, so maybe a few spectators will remember them or google them for further information. But when he’s actually introduced, something different to the usual two-minute squash is lurking.

Oney Lorcan also had a tiny resemblance to Tommaso Ciampa, so I already paid attention. Now, the match lasted longer than the usual squash match, so the longer it lasted, the more it was possible that the nobody could indeed win this match. He was also booked very strong, almost never Tye Dillinger got the upper hand. So, I was further thinking after around two minutes into the match, if this was the story around Tye Dillinger. He thinks he’s a Perfect Ten, so the ultimate human being, and the audience likes to do the Ten Chant like they love the Yes! Chant. It’s an easy to chant monosyllabic word, so of course, the crowds love this.

Now, you could think that his loss to Andrade “Cien” Almas was just an accident, so he wanted to go back to winning ways against this nobody. But what would come next? Another squash win against another hardly known newcomer? And all of a sudden, Tye Dillinger would be off television in an instant. So, after another minute of match time, I thought, wait, they really make Dillinger lose against Oney Lorcan, so the crowd might turn on Tye Dillinger because, obviously, he’s not a Perfect Ten. And they really made him lose – for the enjoyment of Oney Lorcan who just couldn’t believe his luck.

It’s always those things that get me connected with certain guys or gals: storytelling. If you find someone just slightly interesting, you want to know more about the character and where he’s coming from. You want to be able to connect his or her antics in the ring, the wrestling style, the way they dress, how they look, to their all around being. Something has to happen with or to them. If a character is stale, you lose interest. So, for me, Tye Dillinger always has been a heel character. I explained this before. And he might turn heel very soon. He might turn on the crowd because they’ll most certainly turn on him. And he might turn because he’s ashamed of himself.

This story is already interesting because the outcome isn’t easy to guess. Tye Dillinger could try to become a Perfect Ten again, working on himself to get back on winning ways. Or he could just fully turn heel, declaring that the crowd doesn’t deserve a Perfect Ten, so he’s now out to destroy people who might think are better than him. Or something completely different.

As for Oney Lorcan, he also still wrestles under his real name Christopher Girard and I think, NXT just came up with the name of Oney Lorcan for this match against Tye Dillinger to make this loss even more ridiculous. Because, who’s called Oney? Come on! He’s only in NXT since last year and he’s already 30 years of age. He’s still good in the ring and I enjoyed his win and his celebration of it. But I doubt that he’ll be a big star in NXT. Good luck to him though, hopefully not as “Oney” Lorcan.

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