On this page you’ll find all merchandize cards from William Regal that were published in 2016 and that I actually own. I don’t copy & paste pictures from all around the internet. So chances are that these aren’t all cards available. If you like to suggest one or more cards for me to complete my collection, just give me a hint in the commentary section on this page. Thanks in advance!

william-regal-cards-2016 William Regal cards 2016 Text and facts from the reverse side:

  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 243 lbs.
  • From: Blackpool, England
  • Topps WWE Silver Parallel, card no. 48 (left card)
  • Topps WWE Bronze Parallel, card no. 48 (right card)

One of the most dastardly villains ever to step between the ropes, William Regal has carved out a unique and unparalleled career in sports entertainment. As a competitor, he gained multiple championships, including being named King of the Ring in 2008. He’s also served as WWE Commissioner and General Manager of both Raw and NXT. Today, Regal is imparting his comprehensive knowledge on the generation of Superstars as an NXT trainer.

william-regal-cards-2016 Text and facts from the reverse side:

  • Topps WCW All-Star
  • Steven Regal
  • [Card no.] 37

“Lord” Steven Regal was a British dignitary who proudly represented the United Kingdom and ultimately added names like “Squire” David Taylor to his growing faction of sports-entertainment royalty. Eventually, Regal formed the Blue Bloods with “Earl” Robert Eaton, and made a major impact in the tag team ranks; but it was in his individual performances that Regal had his best success. Regal was a four-time WCW Television Champion, with his first coming at the expense of WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Regal later came to WWE and cemented his legacy in sports entertainment.

william-regal-cards-2016 Facts from the obverse side:

  • Topps Slam Attax TakeOver Trading Card Game (NXT)
  • William Regal
  • [Card] no. 208
  • Defence: 56     ★★     Attack: 50

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