The Golden Boys are more or less a hidden treasure that needs to get some appreciation. William Regal and Robbie Brookside formed not just a tag team when they started wrestling. This also was the beginning of their friendship. And since both of them occasionally post great pictures on Twitter, I put them all here to enjoy all their glory.


I’m a huge friend of revealing sources for stuff I put in here when it’s not created by me. So I first have to point to my two main sources for this sub-section of this blog. Both, William Regal and Robbie Brookside, have got Twitter accounts. And there they post pictures of each other. The specific sources for them are the following:

(Those are the scientific references of tomorrow when it comes to written celebrity exchanges.) Like you were already able to see on top, I’ve separated all their pictures into three sections. The wrestling part is from their early wrestling days and in this section you’ll find in-action pictures from The Golden Boys. On the other two pages you can find pictures of the two of them outside the ring, sometimes in the most ridiculous fashion. Together with the pictures I also post the specific tweets for context. And now enjoy.

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