A new year once again started. And we already are in the fourth year of the reign of William Regal as General Manager of NXT. This page here covers all of his actions and shenanigans in 2017. At the bottom of this page you’ll find the links to the previous years. And now have fun reading and watching the videos.

January 2017 – Matches need to be made for NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, part I

Asuka with William Regal
Asuka demands competition from the General Manager.
It had been made perfectly clear at the end of last year that William Regal would make a match between The Authors of Pain and the one team that would win the re-match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, either #DIY or The Revival, at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio on 28 January 2017. Now, it was also pretty obvious that #DIY would win against The Revival. So, the match was already written on the wall last year. But somehow, The Authors of Pain wanted to be pretty clear about their intentions, so they attacked #DIY after their victory over The Revival. And William Regal had no choice but to announce said already made match.

Also Asuka had been attacked during the NXT show from 11 January 2017 by Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Nikki Cross. So she demanded from William Regal to give her all those opponents for a Fatal 4-way match for the NXT Women’s Championship. And he had no choice but granting it again.

14 / 15 January 2017 – WWE UK & Ireland Championship Tournament

William Regal loves Blackpool. Yes, he does.
William Regal loves Blackpool.
The WWE special UK & Ireland Championship Tournament isn’t entirely connected with William Regal as the General Manager of NXT. But maybe we’re going to see one or two participants in NXT later on this year or be it the fact that William Regal will be on commentary for the matches, I’ll put on here regardless whatever His Lordship does and says during the tournament. First, he had a little sit-down prior to the very start of it where he reflects about his time in Blackpool, where the tournament takes place.

Credit: samizayn on Tumblr.
Credit: samizayn on Tumblr.
How do you make a two-day tournament intriguing and interesting? Exactly, with a cliffhanger at the end of Day One. So, the first round with its eight matches went on smoothly. And after that, William Regal was out on the entrance to the Empress Ballroom to announce and present the eight remaining competitors of the tournament plus the very match-ups of the quarter-finals. One of those matches was Pete Dunne against Sam Gradwell and to make a name for himself, Pete Dunne attacked Sam Gradwell right on stage. William Regal though went immediately after Dunne, confronted him, also later on backstage. That set up all the intensity needed for Day Two.

Credit: wrestlingsmarkmatty on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestlingsmarkmatty on Tumblr.
And Pete Dunne also left his mark on Day Two. He attacked his opponent in the upcoming final, Tyler Bate, right after the boy had won his semi-final against Wolfgang. And William Regal came out again to throw Pete Dunne out of the Empress Ballroom. Later on, William Regal was seen with the UK Championship belt inside the ring, throwing deadly looks on Pete Dunne when the man entered the ring for the final match. In the end, Tyler Bate won the tournament but another lasting impression certainly had been the mini-feud of Pete Dunne vs William Regal.

January 2017 – Matches need to be made for NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, part II

At the following NXT episode three days later, the General Manager was present in Tampa, Florida, to oversee the contract signing for the NXT Championship match at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode. Roode had much to say. Nakamura hadn’t. Yes, you may have guessed it: I’m not really looking forward to this match. Both guys don’t do anything for me.

Credit: frentique on Tumblr.
For the last NXT edition before NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, William Regal was out again to make a stand-off confrontation between all four women of the Fatal 4-way match for the NXT Women’s Championship happen – against better judgement.

william-regal-with-billie-kay-and-peyton-royce And when Billie Kay and Peyton Royce came out and entered the ring, William Regal immediately regretted his decision when Peyton Royce grabbed the microphone out of his hand to talk about the forthcoming match. Nikki Cross joined them but Asuka couldn’t wait for any announcement. Hell broke loose immediately, especially between Nikki Cross and Asuka, while Billie Kay and Peyton Royce asked themselves what they got themselves into. Can’t wait for this match!

February 2017 – There’s a new bad boy in town

William Regal didn’t appear on NXT TakeOver: San Antonio and, quite frankly, the overall show was a little disappointing, the worst NXT TakeOver I have seen so far. And for the following NXT episode, matches from the pre-show were shown.

William Regal with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
Credit: frentique on Tumblr.
But the General Manager was seen again on the second February show to announce the first UK Championship defence match between champion Tyler Bate and Trent Seven on the coming show next week. But as per usual, William Regal then was disturbed by Billie Kay and Peyton Royce entering his office to demand a match against Liv Morgan. To get back his peace, the General Manager granted the demand but made it a tag team match with Liv Morgan free to chose her partner. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce found this funny and hopped away, leaving William Regal behind rather confused.

“Making a name for yourself is all well and good, and in Blackpool you did an incredible job…
During the NXT show one week later, William Regal announced a Triple Threat match for the following show because he kind of sees several women are ready to go for Asuka’s Championship belt. So, Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan and Ember Moon will battle for that place on the table.

... but at NXT, that's not going to fly." (source)
… but at NXT, that’s not going to fly.” (source)
Not on the actual show but as a special introduction, Pete Dunne was interviewed backstage about his intentions in NXT. He will have a match against Mark Andrews, also next week, and wants to continue to make a name for himself. But he got a special warning from the General Manager, who’s probably excited to have a new bad boy in town.

March 2017 – Oh no! Chris Hero is back

For a couple of weeks already we’ve noticed that Chris Hero was finally back at NXT, of course under his WWE persona Kassius Ohno. It’s a stupid name really and fitting for a heel character. And he was a heel around three years ago when he left NXT. Now he’s back as a babyface and instantly confronted NXT champion Bobby Roode last week. That brought GM William Regal on the table to announce a championship match between those two in a fortnight. (Little reminder to myself to finally watch Ohno vs Regal before this match takes place.)

One week later Ember Moon won a match against Billie Kay, so William Regal asked for a special meeting backstage to inform Ember that she’s been granted a championship match against Asuka at the coming NXT TakeOver: Orlando on 01 April 2017 (the start of WrestleMania weekend). And a little later during the show, the General Manager added a small stipulation to the championship match next week between Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno. Because the winner of that match will face Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Orlando. (Now I’m pretty sure that Kassius Ohno will lose against Roode, because of course the young Triple H has to headline the small WrestleMania. Btw: I’ve finally watched Regal vs Ohno but with all the head kicks to Mr Regal’s head and his recent neck surgeries I didn’t enjoy that too much.)

Now, that the main event of NXT TakeOver: Orlando was all arranged for, William Regal next week had to finally confirm the Triple Threat encounter for the NXT Tag Team Championship between champions AOP, former champions #DIY and the always lurking Revival. It was pretty obvious for weeks that we would get this match, and for the NXT episode from the Ides of March, the General Manager came out on the ramp to make it a Triple Threat Elimination match.

Next week, the General Manager didn’t have anything to do or announce. But a few days later we saw William Regal watching something on his mobile phone when Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were disturbing him with their demand to ban Amber Moon’s finishing move that hurt Billie Kay. Least to say, the GM wasn’t much interested.

                William Regal | NXT General Manager, part I (2014)
                William Regal | NXT General Manager, part II (2015)
                William Regal | NXT General Manager, part III (2016)

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