The WWE mini series Breaking Ground is amazing because it grants you a look behind the scenes of the WWE and the wrestling itself. What does it take to make it as a WWE Superstar or WWE Diva? What do you need to get through? What’s the daily routine and how do you work on your gimmick and presence as a wrestling character? This is my review collection for all episodes of Season 1.

Narrated by non other than William Shatner, Breaking Ground is a WWE series that stands out. I usually don’t care about WWE series like Total Divas or pranking people and other rubbish. But Breaking Ground has much more depth than any other of these shows, it takes you behind the curtain and gives you a closer look on a few promising talents.

Breaking Ground
Episode no.
Breaking Ground
Episode title
Breaking Ground
Ep. Duration (WR)
S01E01 Onward & Upward 30:09 (2:14)
S01E02 New Energy 36:27 (12:23)
S01E03 Hittin’ the Road 35:07 (4:50)
S01E04 Tag Team Turmoil 36:32 (6:03)
S01E05 Call It A Comeback 36:07 (3:39)
S01E06 Road Trip 36:37 (1:38)
S01E07 Proving Ground 42:07 (4:59)
S01E08 Crossroads 38:37 (9:21)
S01E09 Countdown 34:27 (0:01)
S01E10 Respect 42:47 (6:12)

Now, my main reason to watch this series was because William Regal is a big part of it. The main focus of Breaking Ground is the WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, and this is the training ground for NXT. William Regal is one of the trainers and we can see him throughout this series as a coach for gimmicks, character building, promos and – most importantly – foot work. So, if you click the very links in the episode guide, you’ll find a video with the appearance of William Regal of the very episode and my review about it. Since William Regal is my main focus, I will mostly write about him. But there are still a few other interesting things in every episodes that I will describe.

I’m also interested in your opinion. So, if you somehow came to my blog and this very page, let me know your opinion about Breaking Ground.


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