On Tough Enough winner of 2015, Josh, is the main focus in this third episode of Breaking Ground. And while William Regal tries to get the man’s Yeti gimmick, the title of the episode, Hittin’ The Road, refers to NXT’s first ever little live tour outside of Florida that we get a few pictures and impressions from.

First of all, I have to say that I haven’t watched Tough Enough, so I only got my first impression of the winner, Josh, when I saw him on Breaking Ground. From what I’ve already seen (and I’m writing this episode after episode without being spoilered by the remaining episodes), I’m not really impressed. He comes from American football and he wants the big success in WWE. He had to do his first promo in front of a few NXT talents and William Regal, and he came across with his Yeti gimmick. Afterwards, when he explained it where it comes from, I somehow got it. So, never ever saw a real Yeti and they are probably just fantasy. But they’re supposed to look like big apes, walk on two legs and have got long hair. If you want to know more about the Yeti, go and ask Dean Ambrose.

As for the Yeti we got at Breaking Ground, Josh is a big guy, has got long hair and, yeah, he also walks on two legs. Actually, he looks very similar to Roman Reigns with almost the same beard as well. Friends at school and American football supposedly used to call him Yeti, so it’s his life gimmick, so to speak. And he thought about taking this Yeti, exaggerating it and though making it his wrestling gimmick.

But William Regal wasn’t that into it or overly excited. First because Josh wasn’t very convincing. He started okay but then had to think too much about what he should say. Also the backstory for this Yeti thing wasn’t known to any of them. And later, if Josh would really make it to onscreen NXT, you can’t start explaining your gimmick. Most people will certainly know what a Yeti is or might be. But most people won’t get why this guy calls himself the Yeti and his fans the Yeti Nation. Are they Yeti hunters? Do they have some alien spleen or else? Who knows?

Perhaps William Regal did ask himself such questions. And that’s why he suggested for Josh to re-invent himself, think about anything else he could chose as a gimmick to make it easier for fans to get him at first sight. Because later on, when William Regal sat together with other coaches, he said something very important. This Yeti thing probably is with Josh for several years now. But since you never know which gimmick you’ll be given in NXT or WWE, it would be better for Josh to take something new and different, something that he isn’t that narrow minded with, so he’s got more freedom to make changes or try different things.

So, right at the end of this episode we saw Josh again. He clearly made his mind up about his gimmick. But he didn’t change it. And even worse, he basically said, I’ll be the Yeti – take it and leave me alone. It was a better promo than the first one but you could clearly see the disappointment in William Regal’s eyes. He might have thought, alright, you don’t want to have my advice, then I’m not going to give you any advice anymore. If you think you know better, than let’s see where your knowledge is going to get you.

That gimmick changes need to be done sometimes to make a character and consequently a wrestler work, was explained with the example of Tyler Breeze. In FCW he was Mike Dalton but it didn’t work, so Tyler Breeze was born. It was good to have this parallel story being told. Because sometimes a character is stale, doesn’t have got anything to offer, is boring or just doesn’t work with the audience.

We went on for more impressions from the live tour in Texas. Tyler Breeze and Jason Jordan had a nice verbal ping pong mockery match backstage and I liked the effort that Big Cass and Carmella put into their in-ring gear when they went to a local shop to buy some cowboy hats and boots for that evening’s NXT live show in San Antonio. Also a visit worth there was The Alamo Museum where some crucial lack of knowledge about history was revealed. This tour also was a good opportunity for some NXT wrestlers such as Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews to meet up with part of their families. So, Breaking Ground also makes it obvious that living on the road with WWE also means that you can’t see your family very often.

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