The title for this sixth episode of Breaking Ground is rather telling for quite some people in NXT: Call It A Comeback can be said for ZZ (maybe), Cal (not so much), Nhooph (oh yeah!) and Tino Sabbatelli’s brother Sean (not really). And we get a closer look to Nia Jax.

There is something everybody needs to understand: just because you don’t want to do something, doesn’t mean everybody else don’t want to do this something. And vice versa. In ZZ’s case: if you don’t like doing cardio, there is no legitimate way in stating that no-one wants to do cardio. It’s just a lazy try to legitimate your laziness and somehow making yourself better in the eyes of yourself. There is actually a word for this behaviour: self-deception. And you need to get rid of it if you want to make it in life. And ZZ was the so-called “Social Media Darling” of Tough Enough? I mean, really? Please explain this to me!

ZZ is the guy who’s got big dreams. And there is no mistake in having dreams. Everybody has got dreams. But there is this one point in life where you need to wake up to make your dreams come true. Some people have it easier, much more have it harder. And the ones who want to make it to the top, never have it easy. But that’s what ZZ doesn’t really get. He somehow thinks, having dreams is already enough. In his mind he doesn’t need to wake up. And he makes excuses when his coaches tell him that he isn’t doing enough or when they question his work ethic. His main excuse is his young age but that’s the lamest excuse ever. Because especially at his young age you should be at the peak of your physical condition, you still have the ability to heavily improve and you certainly should be hungry about training and learning if wrestling is this one thing you really want to do in life.

So, at the start of this episode ZZ is still there, promises that he will improve, that he wants to do this. But I guess that he’ll be released somewhere in the coming five episodes of Breaking Ground. With his attitude he won’t make it far in life. With his attitude he’ll only have dreams but won’t ever wake up to work for fulfilling his dreams.

The case of Cal Bishop is exactly vice versa: he’s got the work ethic and the desire to do everything to be successful. Unfortunately, his body isn’t able to step up to the same intensity like his mind. A second surgery after a third dislocation of Cal Bishop’s right arm left a huge scar on his skin. He was medically cleared to continue the training. But when we saw him back inside the ring, there was a constant fear that he could have just another dislocation at the very moment when he suplexes his opponent. That fear that Cal Bishop could not only injure himself again but that an opponent could suffer a severe injury because of this risk. Later during the evaluation session between all coaches, questions and doubt further dawned about Cal Bishop – not because of his work ethic but the possibility that he could easily dislocate his shoulder again.

Another focus of this episode was on Nia Jax who definitely stands out with her bigger size than any other female NXT wrestler. But she also points out her being the cousin of Dwayne Johnson makes it sound to me like: “I’m not here because of myself but because of my family”. And I don’t like that. I can’t stand “The Rock” at all. As a supposed babyface, he bashes too much on women with feeble-minded claims. He doesn’t have my humour and his catchphrases are annoying to me. What I’ve already seen from Nia Jax in the ring isn’t that impressive but like I said, she definitely stands out with her bigger size. So she can be a good example for bigger girls who aren’t satisfied with themselves.

What I actually liked was Tyler Breeze teaching the newer NXT ladies a lot about character development and he really seems to like this kind of teaching. He has been in FCW / NXT for almost six years and got the knowledge from own experience what works and what’s not gonna work.

We also saw Tino Sabbatelli again, who not even made it himself in front of the NXT cameras yet but wants to get his brother Sean in NXT as well. He already had been there for a tryout but didn’t make it and apparently already is four years on the Indie circuit. But Sean got injured before his second tryout in NXT could take place, so this was it for him this time.

And we saw Nhooph again. I questioned her willingness to make it in wrestling when I first saw her. But in this episode she finally got her in-ring name, Alia, and she instantly called William Regal to get a meeting with him where she could talk about her character. She wanted to know if she was on the right path with her imaginations for her character. So next day Nhooph met William Regal and she’s got two things in mind, first she wants to bring in her middle-eastern family background and second she wants to combine it with a Kardashian kind of girl. But William Regal instantly blocked the Kardashian thing because, yes, the Kardashians have got an Armenian family background but everyone only knows them for their shows and presentation in the media. And William Regal said that at the time Nhooph will get the chance to show her character to the world, the Kardashians will be outdated. But he liked the middle-eastern family background idea. So Nhooph wanted to do some gypsy like gimmick, wearing such clothes and make-up and I also think that this could work.

William Regal also had some important basic advice for Nhooph that should work with every guy and gal in wrestling:

  1. You get the idea about your character from your mind.
    And you need to get further inspiration, knowledge about this character, so you get to know each other;
  2. You take your character to heart.
    Which means you need to take your character seriously, so you are able to become this character, so you can act like him or her in or around the ring to the audience. If you don’t take your character to heart, you aren’t able to act believable and the audience won’t take you seriously;
  3. Your character shines through your eyes.
    Your eyes are the main connection to your crowd, so your eyes mirror your character and you have to concentrate every detail that stands for your act in your eyes – facial expressions, are you sad or constantly laughing – all this your audience have to see in your eyes. And if you get this connection, the character should work.

At the end of this episode Apollo Crews, Jason Jordan, Nia Jax and Cal Bishop were called into the conference room for a talk with Canyon Ceman, the VP of Talent Development. Apollo Crews, Jason Jordan and Nia Jax got a raise for their efforts and work but Cal Bishop was told he needed to go. And that was the cliffhanger to the next episode of Breaking Ground.

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