Despite William Regal thinking that the gypsy gimmick of Alia is a great idea, she still has to make this character work on her own. But what William Regal sees and hears, isn’t very convincing yet. Meanwhile, Robbie Brookside makes himself friends with Lovepreet to get some delicious Indian food for free.

Also this episode we started with the answer to the cliffhanger from the previous episode of Breaking Ground. Eva Marie mistimed / misplaced a kick to Carmella’s head and hit her hard. The match had to be abandoned but later on medical checks made it obvious that it wasn’t a concussion. Still, Carmella got some headaches but that wasn’t enough to prevent her from going out eating later that night with Enzo, Big Cass, Emma and Bayley. Afterwards the NXT roster headed home to Florida where Carmella needed to take off a few days as precaution.

And in Orlando, it was back to basics when we arrived at the Performance Center with coach Matt Bloom early in the morning. We saw Baron Corbin arriving with his Harley (and a cap that went for the name Unholy), an all around happy Eva Marie and ZZ hanging on the floor, lamenting about his ligaments. Matt Bloom told him that getting loose of some weight may help his cause. But ZZ was already proud enough for coming down to 270 pounds from 283 (with the help of broccoli). Seriously, this guy makes me Alex Riley raging every time I see him! Later during this episode ZZ went to the Croc Encounters to volunteer there, making himself a bit more comfortable because being around crocodiles apparently is something he already did at home. But if he really is so uncomfortable in NXT and the training there, then maybe professional wrestling isn’t really for him.

We got to see Lovepreet again when he tried to get his training opponent over the top rope as quickly as possible while coach Robbie Brookside took his time. Unfortunately Lovepreet’s maneuver took too long for the man himself, so he got impatient and used a low blow. Robbie Brookside wasn’t amused at all and explained Lovepreet that low blows shouldn’t be used in WWE. I’m writing this after the 2016 Fastlane Pay-Per-View and I’m still baffled why Dean Ambrose was forced to use the low blow to Brock Lesnar for a couple of times now. In my eyes, that’s a heel move and shouldn’t be done by a babyface. WWE is also considered to be PG with all those little kids in the audience. Now, what good example WWE wants to set with a low blow by the most popular babyface in the company right now? I just don’t get it. So, if you like to explain this to me, just go ahead and leave me a message. Thanks in advance!

But back to Lovepreet. Because later during that episode we saw him at his new home, cooking some delicious looking Indian food for Robbie Brookside and some friends. Lovepreet calls Robbie his brother, and the man loves Indian food, so it’s nice to see that he’s got some good people around him so far away from home.

And we also saw Nhooph a.k.a Alia again who got another meeting with William Regal. She already chose herself some in-ring gear that looked quite gypsy like, she chose some entrance music and made her mind up about her entrance movements. And William Regal was there to have a look at this first raw vision of her character to give advice afterwards. Now, it very much seemed like he was a little conflicted about the music that sounded very childish and girly like. So, Alia was more like Jeannie from I Dream Of Jeannie than a tough gypsy girl. Granted that she’s only 19 years of age but for a fighting girl she needs to add a little edge to her character, especially with a gypsy character.

But this first entrance she did in front of William Regal was still far better than that what she did later during this episode in front of the whole NXT roster crowd. She also had a little in-ring interview but that wasn’t much better either. But I actually was a little impressed when she admitted later behind the curtain that she had been terrible. But she said so with some self confidence and desire in her voice to do better next time. But for this time, we saw William Regal being a little speechless about what Alia had been doing out there.

We also got a look at some kind of make-up training for the female wrestlers in NXT. I’m a bit split about it because I like natural faces and don’t like big eye make-up and long fake eyelashes at all. I got what the make-up artist was saying, that good foundation prevents the girl’s faces from shining but what about the guys? It’s basically irrelevant how their faces look because their wrestling is important and how they portray their character. But the girls still need to have a “beautiful” face with fake eyelashes, big eyes and full lips to make it in the business, regardless how good their wrestling skills are. And when they’ve got breast implants, it’s even better. Even Bayley, who calls herself a tomboy when she was young, does her make-up because “it has to be done”.

I’d really like to see a female wrestler with short hair, no breast implants and no make-up one day that no other female wrestler shames because she’s not girly enough. I’d really like to see someone like this.

On his path to make it in front of a real NXT crowd at a live show, Tino Sabbatelli had to prove himself in a training match against Tucker Night. After the match he got some good advice by Tye Dillinger about how to generate hate from the audience as a heel character. It’s a shame that I don’t like / get the Tye Dillinger in-ring character at all because the guy behind it seems to be a great one.

And we then went back to the women of NXT with re-capturing the match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn show when Bayley got her NXT Women’s Championship. Bayley watched the match at home with her boyfriend and so did we. After that match, the so-called Four Horsewomen, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Bayley, closed that segment and while the first three girls were called up to the main WWE roster, Bayley as the NXT Women’s Champion is now the top woman in NXT. She’s later praised by coach Sara Amato for her being one of the big merchandize seller, with one of the biggest fanbases in NXT and all around good ambassador for the NXT / WWE.

The coming live event of NXT was a Proving Ground for Lovepreet, who was part of a 19-men battle royal and Carmella as well, who had her first match after her head injury in a tag match together with Asuka and Adrienne.

Back in Florida, Triple H paid NXT a visit to speak with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Would he had to say to them wasn’t revealed yet. That was saved for the start of the coming episode.

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