During this episode of Breaking Ground, William Regal was nowhere to be seen. Because the title already suggests that this was a “countdown” to the coming NXT TakeOver: Respect. So, we only got a (very intense!) glimpse from William Regal at the very end plus the nervousness of the NXT guys and gals at the dawn of the big show.

The second last episode from the first season of Breaking Ground, Countdown started off at the WWE Pay-Per-View show Night Of Champions. And Bayley was a part of it – just backstage, but she soaked in the atmosphere of the special event to get a tiny taste of what she was about to expect at her own main event match with Sasha Banks at the following NXT TakeOver: Respect. But the conversation between Bayley and Natalya was barely watchable for me, because … I’ve got some advice for you, ladies: just cut the “like” out of your vocabulary, except you want to compare something or you want to say that you love something. Any other “like” is unnecessary. Bayley still promoted her part in the match in front of a camera, and that was far better in terms of the use of vocabulary.

We also got another glimpse of Tino Sabbatelli. And it’s really funny with the guy because he moans about people in wrestling wouldn’t take him seriously because he comes from NFL. It’s funny because he doesn’t take wrestling seriously. There is a German saying: like you call into the wood, the echo comes back right at you (in a rough translation). Maybe that’s just his gimmick, the arrogant American footballer who looks down on wrestling. If so, he does a hell of a job.

And we finally came to the cliffhanger from the previous episode: Dana Brooke’s injury that she received from a training match with Asuka. Actually, we didn’t get to know about the nature of the injury. She only had a few physio sessions for her left arm. So, maybe it was just a blocked nerve. I had those a couple of times already and it really hurts. The funny thing about this kind of injury is that the physio has to find the exact movement that unblocks the nerve and everything is fine again. But until that happens you are possibly walking through hell.

For Nia Jax it was all about preparing for her first appearance on NXT television. So, we got to see her countdown at home with her German mum and her best friend Tom. Both tried to give some good advice but we already sensed that her mum doesn’t really get wrestling and hardly understands why her daughter wants to do it. Later on, Nia Jax got other advice from Baron Corbin and Rhyno, but such wasn’t more helpful either. But Nia Jax’s mum still supports her and is proud of her and that’s the most important thing of what parents should do for their children – just be there and be happy for their children (if it’s nothing illegal).

Having a caring family obviously was something a young dog was missing. He strolled around the Performance Center and especially sought out Tyler Breeze as future family. Initially, Tyler Breeze wanted to give the dog another home than his but his girlfriend thought otherwise. And very soon, the new addition to the family was a happy dog again.

This episode of Breaking Ground also was a countdown for Sami Zayn. He’s back inside the ring for his first training sessions after his shoulder surgery, the doctor still always at ringside for feedback and observation. So, receiving the injury just before his first match in WWE also meant he still didn’t know if this had been a call-up or if he was just there because this very <em<RAW happened to be in Toronto, Canada, Sami Zayn’s home town. If it was meant as a call-up, then being back at NXT is clearly a set-back for Sami Zayn. But it also makes him work even harder to finally gets a call-up that feels like one.

For the last part of this second final episode of the first season of Breaking Ground, we were already backstage prior to the NXT TakeOver: Respect live event. Dana Brooke had a conversation with Jason Jordan about her injury and what it means for her to wrestle Asuka at this special event. And Jason Jordan told her about the special tracksuits that he and his tag team partner Chad Gable had ordered to stand out at this show. But those tracksuits haven’t arrived and later on Chad Gable received a message that they aren’t get finished in time. Will the new tracksuits still make it on live NXT television? What a great cliffhanger to the final episode of Breaking Ground!

During the short preview to this final episode, we got this short glimpse of William Regal, sitting in the audience at NXT TakeOver: Respect, having a watchful and testing eye on the matches. I had to slow it down to get more time out of it. Because the original glimpse had been barely one second.

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